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Mike Harley putting in work

by brock @ CanesInSight

In the weight room, ivins said that he had gained 12 pounds since he has arrived at Miami. It defintiely looks like he has. He looks noticeably...

My buddy from ToS

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

You guys probably remember me brining up IPF plans according to another hurricane fan that reads the miami scout board. He sent me this today....

5-Star QB Justin Fields announcing his decision tomorrow

by Firesite @ CanesInSight

916066033760432128 I think hes going to Georgia.

Horrific Linebacking Play

by twalcott5 @ CanesInSight

Our LB's play has been horrific this year, specially yesterday. We are just dropping our LB's a few yards off of the line of scrimmage, plugging the...

Miami expects full exoneration after turning over records to

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Miami expects full exoneration after turning over records to FBI investigation Encouraging...

Pat Surtain, Jr and Tyson Campbell speak on Canes

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

Two of nation's best cornerbacks say they're considering UM | Miami Herald...

Practice 2

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Donaldson looking slim Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGOj-dhV0AAiSAM.jpg

Campus Conversation with Head Coach Mark Richt

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt, Miami - ESPN (http://es.pn/2wxCxye) 15 minutes of easy listening.

Piecing Together the 2018 Schedule

by scane @ CanesInSight

Dates Announced So Far Feb 23-25 vs.Florida Mar 16-18 @ Duke Mar 23-25 vs.Virginia April 13-15 @Clemson May 11-13 @Virginia Tech ...

OT: I'm Back

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

Alright guys, so I'm back. On September 19th through Sept. 20th Hurricane Maria Cat. 4/5 hit me and my island of Puerto Rico. I'm sure you have seen...


by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Anyone going? i'll be attending the Manny Diaz Q&A session, ill post any good stuff that gets said during the session.

Mark Richt 7 on 7 camp updates

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami Central, Oxbridge, Glades Central, Miami High a ton others here

Richt on BCU/Ark St and more

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Richt’s review: Miami Hurricanes coach on Turnover Chain, Bethune-Cookman win, Arkansas State | Canes Watch...

FSU vs. Louisiana-Monroe game cancelled

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight


Something I find cool...

by hoover437 @ CanesInSight

How Georgia players play in the league verses the other sec schools, they are on par with us. I'm really excited about what CMR does with our program!

Coach Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 8/25/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/hNMBqiTwMFY https://youtu.be/1bJV_Mjtzw8 https://youtu.be/o3vsH4n6SCU

Does Miami get in after the dust settles today?

by SBAMACANE @ CanesInSight

The 4 teams that hurt us today are Okla st, Rice, Iowa and Xavier! Those 4 teams bumped 4 teams off the bubble............. Here are my bubble...

Freshman QB N'Kosi Perry at First Miami Practice

by canes_aaron @ CanesInSight

Freshman Quarterback N'Kosi Perry at First Miami Practice - YouTube (http://youtu.be/pwFs12QdZkU)

So Who's 2014 class again???

by caneaddict @ CanesInSight


2017 Summer Workshop Registration Information

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

2017 Summer Workshop The 2017 Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Summer Workshop will be held on Thursday, June 15 at the Monsanto Learning Center in Huxley, IA.  This program addresses issues of current importance and trends that aide in the decision making at the local cooperative level. This program is for the board of directors, cooperative managers, and staff. This year’s agenda includes: How do we fix our agronomy department, a look at competing with today’s technology driven companies Living Lands and Waters – How one person can make a difference Who Moved My Grain, how do we adapt to the changing industry landscape Update on Chinese Ag Economy Click here for informational letter, agenda and registration materials.  

Nesta Silvera commitment status

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

I know there have been a bunch of questions on this topic so just wanted to share what I know. I've heard from a couple of extremely reliable sources...

Its Toledo.. Month!

by 407cane @ CanesInSight

Anyone got the 411 on Toledo? Gonna be a long time of no hurricane football and I need a fix.. especially after boarding up my windows all day...

Miami vs. GT - ACC Tournament

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

Canes strike first on a Burns homer. Center fielder had it but it popped out of his glove. Two run double for GT. Of course, a leadoff, 4-pitch walk...

You get to have a beer with 3 current Miami Hurricanes

by paksat @ CanesInSight

Who you picking? i'm takin walton, malek young, and shaq

Before the trolls go ham

by Brooklyndee @ CanesInSight

B is taking an official to Nebraska this weekend along with his boys. They all are taking officials to the others schools. Naturally these inbreeders...

Nice Article on Fridays Game with an Eye to the Future

by Jetcane @ CanesInSight

Duke Blue Devils vs. Miami Hurricanes | football column, Sept. 29, 2017 | News & Observer...

I was banned from the WEZ for no reason, please help

by caneswin @ CanesInSight

I seriously did not violate any rules. It says I've been banned forever. I'm not even a controversial poster. I'm sorry to bother you guys...

Blackman, Tate, and Delaney

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

SIAP, but wanted to bring forth this brief article by David Hale. ---Quote--- It's not that Florida State's rookie QB James Blackman has been...

College Football Betting (Week 6)

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

Who ya'll got? So far I've got West Virginia +13� Duke +2� Clemson -21� Penn State -14 Duke -2 Miami (FL) -3�

IMG-Chandler Game

by TheUBack @ CanesInSight

Look forward to seeing our guys. Sits, Hightower and Williams. 10:30 ESPNU

OTH -- Gus Felder interview

by ddun1eavy2 @ CanesInSight

Those who saw it - What did you think? Do you have a better/worse/unchanged opinion of him and what he'll bring to the mental makeup of the Miami...

2017 Rivals Challenge OL vs DL (afternoon session)

by Sulcanes01 @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/xr2yJKciTIo Scaife is Scaife he won MVP for a clear reason. Oladele looks a lot better in these afternoon reps especially...

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 9/27/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/3MEP5wVL90k https://youtu.be/CzagQE_01WY https://youtu.be/dNNymHde8Gs https://youtu.be/4VZ79v9IdDY https://youtu.be/rK2o_uSP6WU...

My .02 FSU Week (Relatively Long)

by Rellyrell @ CanesInSight

Could this have been a better week? Like seriously; think about the last time CFB gave Miami and it's fan a week like this. Forget us beating FSU for...

Point Spread predictions?

by CTCANE @ CanesInSight

It is not out yet. Tricky one but I will go with pickem or Miami -1 or 2. A few weeks ago FSU would have been favored by 5 or 6.

OT: For Those That Want to Buy the New Jerseys

by CanesFiend @ CanesInSight

They got them on them on them up on Adidas in stock. http://www.adidas.com/us/men-miami_hurricanes-jerseys-apparel "TWENTYOFF" coupon gets you...

Wing Adrien

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Wing invests her great experiential and academic knowledge in the next generation of justice advocates.… Read More

Miami has the 5th best win streak in the country

by brock @ CanesInSight


Gaynor in starting rotation with KC sidelined + more

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes practice notes: Kc McDermott, Ahmmon Richards missing early | Canes Watch...

BREAKING: Francois out for season, Blackman to start

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Less than two weeks till Doak, big news that potentially swings momentum our way. Francois has a torn patellar tendon. He won't be playing...

2019 Derick Hunter Jr commits..

by JerseyCanes @ CanesInSight

Officially committed to the university of Miami ���������������� #ALLABOUTTHEU...

Gurvan Hall

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

Our boy getting some love. http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wefl/media/mpeg/Top_5_Safeties-1498259435.mp3 You could tell the radio host...

Diaz, Brown, players interviews (8/29)

by Ohio_Cane @ CanesInSight

The trucks backing up and wind tunnel are back! We all missed those. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7qXtRzON_w ...

At end of 2017, where will this DL be ranked in U History?

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DHDLJDnWAAITX8h.jpg

UM�s loaded 2018 class says it will help catapult Canes...

by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

Courtesy of Barry Jackson and the Miami Herald UM�s loaded 2018 class says it will help catapult Canes past FSU for years UM chatter as we...

I don't think we fully appreciate what happened this weekend

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

It wasn't just ending the streak. It was a whole lot more than that. Back in 2010 when Jimbo took over he had a big win against Miami to start...

Herald Article (Diaz)

by uprising @ CanesInSight

UM's Diaz eager to see defense that could be one of nation's best | Miami Herald...

FSU vs.Miami replay

by Pete @ CanesInSight

The Noles tv program was on Ft.Myers channel this afternoon.Interesting to hear the FSU coach saw the game vs.So.Fla. First of all had Jimbo...

Week 4 (Upset) Picks - 9/21

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Duke (-3) at *North Carolina* Michigan (-8) at *Purdue* *Mississippi State* (+6) at Georgia Florida (-4) at *Kentucky*...

Game Could be Moved to Miami

by OrlCane635 @ CanesInSight

Looking at the storm predictions, there is a Cat 1/2 storm expected to be off the coast at game time with a direct hit on Tally. We know how this is...

Nigel Bethel did unofficial on July 14th

by NotACaneFan @ CanesInSight

A week before Paradise. Met with coach Baez.

FSU Position vs. Position

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Offense: Miami Oline vs FSU Dline Advantage FSU Miami rushing attack vs FSU Front 7 Tie FSU has a great DL but bad LB

First Wednesday in November: Free Laundry Washing Event in Davenport, Iowa

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post First Wednesday in November: Free Laundry Washing Event in Davenport, Iowa appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

No excuses...Go to the game next week

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

I don't care if you live in Barrow, Alaska or Syria. Get your fucking ass to the game. I don't care if you're working, quit your job and go. I...

Officially a Miami Hurricanes season ticket holder

by Kendall Boy Cane @ CanesInSight

After graduating this past May, decided to pull the trigger with a few of my buddies from high school. Love that the investment is coming at a time...

On Page SEO 101: Meta Descriptions

by Jeff Millett @ TheSEOWhiz.com

Meta descriptions are funny. Yes, they serve a major purpose. And they absolutely do some great marketing work. Unlike every other aspect of SEO, though, they don’t necessarily do anything for your search ranking. Yes, this is one place where

OT: Miami Herald Access

by SPAMM @ CanesInSight

A few years ago, I encountered the problem that the Herald would limit access to articles. At that time, someone suggested going Incognito, which I...

So is this the game our front 7 plays up to their potential?

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

I'll admit that we've basically played two openers, but what we've seen thus far isn't what I really expected.

IRMA impact on recruiting

by Canez1 @ CanesInSight

The '18 class and future classes are being built on staying home and playing at the U. If this storm does bring the same devastation to Miami and...

NFL Films Ray Lewis

by mojoxd @ CanesInSight

Thought you fellow fans would really appreciate this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEo_HcufxyY

Barry's six pack of UM notes T-1 till season kickoff

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Planning to watch UM's opener? Manny Diaz has some advice | Miami Herald...

One of the most under appreciated Canes of all time

by mbuendia @ CanesInSight

I think Harley and Roscoe share a lot of similarities...slight frame, special teams value, and speed to burn. Harley may have slightly more straight...

This time last year

by yeaman @ CanesInSight

Recruiting: Four-star DE D.J. Johnson commits to Miami Hurricanes | Canes Watch...

First time to a Miami and hurricane Game

by caneiFannOnt @ CanesInSight

Coming to Miami for the Toledo game from Ontario, Canada. My wife and I are coming. Huge Cane fan since 1980, so I should have picked a better game...

Rick: "very optimistic on OL play" + WQAM recap 8/28

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Richt on Radio: Miami coach’s comments open Bethune-Cookman week | Canes Watch...

Q & A with Kai-Leon Herbert

by mhkemh @ CanesInSight

Question & Answer with Miami offensive tackle Kai-Leon Herbert...

OT: Texas vs Iowa State

by Cognizantphotos @ CanesInSight

Texas is so terrible, anyteam worth a damn will destroy them all day.

Zach Mccloud picked by CBS to be 1 of 15 breakout players

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Attachment 48678 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=48678) Miami sophomore linebackerZach McCloudcould be in store of a big...

Article on PalmBeachP espn-writer-sees Canes Winning it all

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

ESPN writer sees Miami as?value pick? to win Nationa...

They Are Not Worthy

by UknowWhat @ CanesInSight

It was a unanimous decision that they are not worthy to recreate the Bermuda Triangle Photo... Haven't accomplished anything yet Image:...

Seo Company Worland Wyoming

by @ topresults.site

Seo Company Worland Wyoming SEO = Search Engine Optimization, basically it is being able to rank on the top of ANY search engine for a given search that a potential client is looking for. The higher you are ranked in … Continue reading 

Could use some help

by Gibyaj @ CanesInSight

Below are two kids I coach, just wondering if you guys think these kids have the potential to be low d1, or d2 kids. Could use some input on what...

Too Bad UVa Isn't a Recruiting Threat

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

But but but Miami is a cesspool! 896384861187051520

Uniform Appreciation

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So it's the offseason, I was bored and was watching all the games from last year on YouTube . The new uniforms may not be Nike but they make us look...

ALL eyeZ on Diaz

by snipergang @ CanesInSight

I think we can all say we are not happy with his play calling and how the defense has played. We are still lacking leadership. Champions hold them...

Favorite underrated Miami-FSU game?

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Don't throw out 2000 or 2002 or 1991 or 1992. Those were classics. I'm talking about the under the radar games that rarely get talked about. ...

Mike Williams vs Delaney

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Who's worse ?

RJ Mcintosh

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

https://miami.rivals.com/news/rj-mcintosh-2 Dont have a subscription but good to hear Diaz was pissed! Can anyone that has one post it thanks.

Mark Richt is taking a wait-and-see approach - Perry

by Bennubird @ CanesInSight

Another article on Perry. This one from the four-letter network. Nothing really new here, but there are a few quotes from Richt about Perry. SIAP ...

Mark richt on his qbs

by brock @ CanesInSight

Seems pretty confident in each of them Mark Richt weighs in on Miami Hurricanes QB race, one week before first scrimmage | Canes Watch...

OT - Bloodline Season 3 Episode 5

by UMCenturion @ CanesInSight

Can see the Miami FSU game in the background about half way through. Cant wait for football to start.

Week 3 Gambling Thread

by mwcane31 @ CanesInSight

Not sure about you guys, but since Miami isn't playing I have to pass the time gambling on other games. What are some games you guys like? I...

B. Jackson Sports Buzz, can't wait for next season to start

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

UM injects high-end talent at cornerback | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article155566984.html) ...

Free Laundry in Quad Cities in February

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post Free Laundry in Quad Cities in February appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

CBS Sports Network: Miami/FSU Preview

by thisismyusername @ CanesInSight

Go Canes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhY9u1_byaM

Miami opens 10.5 Fav over GT

by Novacane32000 @ CanesInSight

A bit surprised we are double digit fav. Was thinking this game would be more like 7 or 8. One indicator we are back is when we are double digit...

SIAP - Pfenninger

by Dingaan1828 @ CanesInSight

AP caught his first pass for Drake yesterday.

AP Poll: Miami Moving on up

by Kevin @ CanesInSight

Moving up one spot at #13 (https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=13)

Miami Win Streak Still #1

by Stony157 @ CanesInSight

In the LSU-Troy game, there was a statistic that going into tonight's game, LSU had an active 49 game home winning streak against non-conference...

Canes Fans in Texas?

by Sofla native @ CanesInSight

I live in Fort Worth. Curious who else on here lives in Texas. You better believe I am all over that LSU Miami game at Cowboys Stadium next...

Miami @ FSU Gametime Set at 330PM

by jandman514 @ CanesInSight

Televised on Espn/ABC will we get those clowns this year.. It's a cycle our streak starts next Saturday...

Has Dee Delaney destroyed his NFL dreams by coming to Miami?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

According to draft scouts Delaney was a 5th round pickin last year draft. He decided to come to Miami to help his draft stock. If seems pretty clear...

Miami FSU Preview Vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight


Miami placed over Clemson..

by Astcloud11 @ CanesInSight

Ranking every game for Virginia Tech Hokies Football in 2017...

OFFICIAL: Game Time Staying @ 3:30

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Lets ride!

Miami vs FSU Preview Video [Score Prediction]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


The legacy of Miami's 2001 title team passed on by one of it

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team (http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19387637/miami-hurricanes-carrying-legacy-2001-team)

Hurricane Irma Question

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Hey I have not lived through any hurricanes since I was about 8 years old. My family moved to the west coast from miami at a young age so im not very...


by Canesfrom @ CanesInSight

Talk to me about crispian Atkins. Can he play? Measurables? Where from?

Herald article on the crown jewel of Swag16, Navaughn D.

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

UM?s not-so-?gentle giant? might be downright scary on game day | Miami Herald...

DREAMer Aid @ The U

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

https://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/08/29/university-of-miami-offers-substantial-financial-aid-packages-to-dreamers-across-florida/ I know politics...


by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

He was flying out this morning and is on the plane shirtless with all his chains on...We are going to anal FSU 916662290535145472

Hot Take: Miami (FL) will not return to prominence unless...

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

The Miami (FL) Hurricanes football program will never see a return to glory unless a major shift occurs in recruiting in-state players, specifically...

GT Predictions

by Mr. Dynasty1 @ CanesInSight

Please if you have time, stop by and have a look: https://gtswarm.com/threads/miami-prediction-thread.13277/

Miami at Florida State puts the state of Florida in the...

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Miami at Florida State puts the state of Florida in the balance Saturday ...

Bethune-Cookman TV/Online Options

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

This may be a bit premature, but trying to figure out what BCC game TV options exist for those who'll be out of Miami on opening day. Brief search...

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 10/4/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/3djls_cVcO4 https://youtu.be/nieTcTJQMT4 https://youtu.be/qqTr-gI4ciQ https://youtu.be/w3HoKyEXTMs https://youtu.be/_pvIzsVDOMk...

Feldman (UM alum) hyping us up

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight


2017 Annual Meeting Registration

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

The agenda has been finalized and the registration information is in the mail for the 67th Annual Meeting of the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives.  Please join us for an interesting day as we form our policy positions for the upcoming legislative sessions, hear from Key Note Speaker Steve Ford, honor our cooperative leaders during the Hall of Fame presentation and learn about issues impacting our industries in the afternoon breakout sessions.  We hope to see you there. Click here for 2017 Annual Meeting registration information Click here for 2017 Annual Meeting Program

CBS Sports Ranks Miami #1 in ACC Preseason Power Rankings

by sebsiman @ CanesInSight

Nice to see the team get some early recognition. Can't wait for next season. ...

Welburn Jessica

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Jessica Welburn’s research explores the dynamics of racial inequality and urban inequality in the post-Civil Rights Era.… Read More

New S&P+ rankings: Miami 11th (3rd wo Preseason Predictions)

by brcane1 @ CanesInSight


Scrimmage time

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

Anyone know when we scrimmage today? TIA

LB Greg Simmons

by CANEMC @ CanesInSight

He's leaving Nebraska. Anyone in the Ft Pierce area got the scoop on him? He chose Nebraska over Miami then. Could he help us now? Greg Simmons...

2018 Lakeland OG and Miami commit will be at Paradise Camp

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

CanesInSight.com has confirmed that 2018 Miami OG commit Cleveland Reed will be at Paradise Camp

Miami : IMG Bookie offer

by skolcanes @ CanesInSight

Miami was at IMG .. does anybody know if bookie landed a offer ?

Miami appearal

by AK_Cane @ CanesInSight

Looking to stock up on some gear for my family for the season. Living in Alaska makes it a little more difficult than when I lived in Sarasota. Any...

Have you ever seen such blatant holding by an oline as with

by CountDookoo @ CanesInSight

FSU on Saturday. They were grabbing UM defenders from behind, had fists full of jersey all game long. Very poorly officiated game from that...

Miami vs Central Michigan 2019

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

892089552462073856 Central Michigan football to play at Miami (Fla.) in 2019 | MLive.com...

Miami Secondary 2017

by sstcane @ CanesInSight

Could the secondary be better than we expect? We know how good the front 7 is, but news on the new players coming in have me excited to see their...

Fau runs through smoke now?

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

First it�s thefaU, now this, damn they wanna be Miami Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Sleeping with the enemy

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

So I visited a GT fan site called ' The Swarm '.The title of the thread is called 'Miami fans are bad'.They were saying how we fans and our players...

USC offers 2020 Miami commit Avantae Williams

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Attachment 46311 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=46311)

Ahmmon Richards

by Salt @ CanesInSight

Looks like he will be back Friday Gold ?turnover chain? leads to UM flag, but Richt is cool about it | Miami Herald...

UCF-Memphis game canceled

by HurriHeat @ CanesInSight

Hurricane Irma forces officials to cancel UCF, Memphis game - Orlando Sentinel...

No better sign of a well-coached D than ...

by North Florida Cane @ CanesInSight

an absence of busted coverages and missed tackles. Remain optimistic with Coach Diaz and this defensive staff. But we need to be very SOLID on...

Official heights and weights of reporting freshman/transfers

by surfcane @ CanesInSight

Official heights and weights: 2 Trajan Bandy 5-9, 180 3 Mike Harley, 5-9, 160 3 Dee Delaney, 6-1, 193 RSR transfer 4 Jeff Thomas, 5-10, 175 5...

2017 IIC Scholarship Recipients

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

The Iowa Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 IIC Scholarships.  Thank you to the 47 IIC member interns and employees who applied for the scholarship and thank you to the ICF committee for the undertaking the difficult task of selecting the students to receive the scholarship.  Each student will receive a $2,000 scholarship award towards their 2017-18 school term. Click here for 2017 IIC Scholarship Announcement  

Sunny odogwu fsu game

by brock @ CanesInSight

Now we know how much of a beast Demarcus walker was last year but after watching this Miami vs fsu game last year what sunny odogwu did vs him was...


by Lester Burnham @ CanesInSight

I've been in PR helping with the recovery efforts, which kept this game and really everything else, in context. That said, I REALLY, REALLY wanted...

Mark Walton Article

by John77 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes News & Rumors - Sun Sentinel (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-hurricanes/) Really rooting for Mark on and off the...

So who wins it all this season?

by paksat @ CanesInSight

if you couldn't pick miami ( I know we wanna hope ) who you got this year? hate to say it but ubran liar has a pretty loaded team I'd like to...

Zhao Kang

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Diving deeply into data, Zhao has unlocked new insights that can help Hollywood investors predict the profitability of movies.… Read More


by apfenny3 @ CanesInSight

They had to order a special gown for me to be able to accommodate my crank. Couldn't be more proud to have a degree from this tremendous university....

Wednesday June 1st 2016 Free Laundry Event at Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post Wednesday June 1st 2016 Free Laundry Event at Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

Best at position

by reg @ CanesInSight

It is undeniable that we have seen a massive upgrade in talent on our roster over the past couple of years, and #storm18...

Official 8-4 Club Thread

by db305 @ CanesInSight

---Quote (Originally by DanSileo #93)--- look at these little ego turds on here....why dont u guys go start ur own thread and PUMP EACH other...i...

What do you think is the the most memorable Miami VS Fsu gam

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

What has been your favorite Miami VS Fsu game of all time? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

Bryan Garcia

by CTCANE @ CanesInSight

Has gone from A Ball To High A to Double A and now Triple A this year. At this rate he will be in Majors pretty soon.

Bill Connelly's 2017 Miami Hurricanes preview

by TI_Inspire @ CanesInSight

https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/7/24/16011276/miami-florida-football-2017-preview-schedule-roster For those who are unaware, Bill...

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Week 7 (Upset) Picks - 10/11

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* Northwestern (-3) at *Maryland* Virginia (-4) at *North Carolina* *Rutgers* at Illinois (-1.5) *UCLA* at Arizona (-1)...

247 composite Class ranking

by brock @ CanesInSight

Osu just jumped miami to #1 (https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1) in the composite after the commit of matt jones a...

**Greg Schiano's comment**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

This Buckeye's DLine is the best he's ever coached!!

Davis Reese

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Attachment 45166 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=45166)Miami Hurricanes Crystal Ball Target Predictions...

Ok. So now we have Duke. Duke. I say bust their.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Arse. This season could really open up for Miami's taking. Free shoes already lost twice. Are these Canes ready to go to the big stage? ...

How Miami's Recruiting can return us to greatness

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

It's no secret that recruiting is the lifeblood of college football. For most teams the better off recruiting transfers to many wins. There are...

2019 Orlando Christian Prep SF CJ Walker talks Canes

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50183 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=50183) One of the hottest names in the College Basketball scene over...

Props to Peter Ariz and D$

by MIATL @ CanesInSight

I salute you dudes for being great company men for the Miami football program. A decision that was OBVIOUS from the very beginning has turned into...

Gilbert Frierson possible Deccomitt?

by Mackmiller974 @ CanesInSight

I'm hearing Rumours he might Decommit from us and flip to Georgia is this true? I guess now is the best time to happen so we can work on finding his...

Defense didn't even get off the buss today (disappointing)

by Cityboy4life82 @ CanesInSight

Was very disappointed in the effort and execution of our defense, Especially the corners. Our corners could not stay in front of anyone which...

Rank em - College Career

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

Miami LB's Lewis Barrow Morgan Armstead Webster Vilma Smith Moss

Can you repeat that?

by reg @ CanesInSight

*"Manny Diaz does a nice job defensively, but he's a total gimmick guy. He wants to try and prove to people that he's brilliant."* 6 fukin points....

Chickillo on Body Transformation from Miami to Pittsburgh

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

Former Cane Anthony Chickillo talking about his body transformation from being "forced" to put on unnatural weight and be an interior lineman at...

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Miami game

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

If you have direct tv its on like 10 channels in the 628-1 and up into the 690s.

Hurricane History

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

Miami won all of its Football and Baseball Titles after the 80s when Miami became the U... Before that it was like a community college after that it...

American Heritage article on Espn is pretty dope

by Hurricanes_5 @ CanesInSight

I've always wondered what was the beef between Miami and American Heritage beef from years past?

Tyson Campbell recruitment??

by Johhny Cadillac @ CanesInSight

CB Campbell Has Two Official Visits In Mind (http://miami.247sports.com/Bolt/CB-Campbell-Has-Two-Official-Visits-In-Mind-53332307)

Q & A with Mike Harley

by mhkemh @ CanesInSight

Question & Answer with Miami wide receiver signee Mike Harley...

Miami 27 FSU 23

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

What's understood don't gotta be explained.

Derwin James

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

IS A FRAUD OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. Buddy was ghost all day. Sean Taylor my ass And fuck McFadden while we're at it too And every single Miami...

Pete, Three Stripe Camp?

by Canes1968 @ CanesInSight

There is a big satellite camp today (in Macon, GA I believe), with pretty much all of the Adidas schools participating, except Miami. Do you have any...

Herald article on investigation

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

UM says L and assistants are innocent. University of Miami basketball coaches hope for "swift conclusion" to FBI corruption probe | Miami Herald...

Bruce Brown news

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

He's going to be scary this year Miami Hurricanes SG Bruce Brown Dominates at Adidas Nations...

NEW scholarship back: Crispian Atkins

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

918162707123179521 Means Robert Burns couldn't get the job done....

SIAP Paradise Camp vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight


Seriously - Fvck ESPN

by canesfanmpls @ CanesInSight

I pull up their website this AM and everything is about Washington St beating USC. Yet the top 5 headlines include "Miami wide receiver Harris...

Gilbert Frierson

by rickmorty @ CanesInSight

Just had word with a few current and previous Coral Gables Teammates and 2 Coaches (1 former & 1 Current) Gilbert Frierson gone.... One more...

Anyone familiar with 2020 Issac Joseph of Dr. Krop?

by randolph herndon @ CanesInSight

Pretty big kid at 6-3/270 and started as a freshman. Most kids are baby fat at that age. Kid will be 300 or more as a senior probably a guard unless...

Quick tutorial on 247's crystal balls

by Thread Killa @ CanesInSight

They don't mean shit.

Week 3 Depth Charts

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

per TOS Miami Hurricanes Football's Two-Deep Depth Chart After The First Scrimmage...

This game is more important for Miami

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

We need to establish ourselves as relevant.FSU despite their slide has the luxury of current success.Though it's just one game it is finally right...

Coach Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 8/15/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/EF47BBBBRc0 https://youtu.be/Za6J60bfUAM https://youtu.be/Kgu5516l7bw

IMG vs Central

by Firesite @ CanesInSight

IMG vs Miami Central game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kTGv_UgfQ0 or https://www.facebook.com/IMGAcademy/ Edit:Weather Delay.

Miami Season Underway Vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWNa8kqogsc Dont be skipping them adds bruhz I need those pennies

OT: RIP Fresh Kid Ice (2 Live Crew)

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

RIP to a Miami Legend. Attachment 47391 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=47391) Looking at that pic, it breaks my...


by umiamifan1 @ CanesInSight

Consistent, reliable, and under-appreciated...now he actually even looks a bit faster. Him and Walton were our rocks today and it appears that Rosier...

The Official Mark Dorito Houston Defense Thread*************

by NVA CANE @ CanesInSight

Houstons defense was 14th in total defense and 4th in scoring defense last year. Let's see how many spots they drop by the end of the year. ...

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Welch Catherine

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Cathy Welch developed the next generation of Iowa Assessments to replace the classic K-12 test.… Read More

OT - Garica vs Broner

by mikemike @ CanesInSight

That was easy work for Garcia last night It's time for Broner to hang up the gloves... The most overrated boxer in history

SIAP, but status on big Vaughn D?

by AFCane11 @ CanesInSight

Man, i hope the big fella is ok. Any word on him?

IOWA~The Home Buyer's Korner

IOWA~The Home Buyer's Korner

The Home Buyer's Korner

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Official 1986 and 1987 U of Miami Hurricane Football Posters

by LMCane @ CanesInSight

I want to find a good owner who will take care of these and add them to a decent collection: They are listed on EBAY.

Article on perry and others

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

UM's N'Kosi Perry continues to impress | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article158788834.html) ...

Canes 9-3 according to USA ToDay..

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes projected to go 9-3 by USA Today (http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/miami-hurricanes-projected-usa-today/ioJ8jzf5Z3XNlsKYcOqhjM/)...

High praise for Miami on The Hurd

by rberryjr @ CanesInSight

Intro to the next 30 for 30... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0lVL0p03eH0

First Wednesday in September: Free Laundry Washing Event in Davenport, Iowa

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

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Miami vs Duke (Breakdown)

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/5RqNP7ryJvo https://youtu.be/JCqS1KjcP3I We play Duke this Friday & instead of spending all week on Toledo, we need to shift...

2018 Nigel Bethel, Jr.

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami staff fell in love with his game at camp last weekend and I expect an offer coming his way at corner in the near future. He's a track guy...

Fact or Myth?

by Hurricane23 @ CanesInSight

Miami doesn't do well in cold games. Or do people say it because it sounds good, being that we're in Miami.

Njoku on crutches

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes practice notes, Day: 7: Freshman WR Evidence Njoku injured | Canes Watch...

Miami -FSU is the Best rivalry... Don't tell me..

by JerseyCanes @ CanesInSight

About any other rivalry.. Miami -FSU is the best thing going.. F'Mich-OSU JC

Clemson vs. Hokies.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

Yes, it's going to matter a lot with Miami because Virginia Tech is going to be our biggest division game. So far hokie play calling was weak...

Perry was #2 in QB warm-ups today ...

by MIATL @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes practice notes: Scrimmage prep on Greentree, Day 11 | Canes Watch...

Duke Tailgate

by DualThreat @ CanesInSight

About to take off from MIA, where y'all mofos tailgating this afternoon??

Why Miami Can Win a Championship [With Video]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

These are some reasons why I believe Miami could win a National Championship this season. I'm not predicting that they will, but in the event that it...

Lamont Finnie Jr. spring highlights

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami High wide receiver Lamont Finnie had a productive spring showing against Champagnat Catholic and Keys Gate Charter. The 2018 prospect is not a...

A little Um vs GT history 2005 for this week

by Canesmonkey @ CanesInSight

After an opening game loss to FSU The Hurricanes rebounded by winning 8 straight games (including a 27�7 win over previously unbeaten Virginia Tech...

Miami vs. FSU Game Thread 3:30 PM EST

by orange&green84 @ CanesInSight

Didn't see a game thread created yet. Been up for about 6 hours now. Go Canes!

Elijah Moore commits to Georgia

by 513CincycaneOSUSucks @ CanesInSight

881518767825592320 Sounds like he had a great showing at the opening. Wonder if that showing was enough for the staff to make him a priority. ...

SIAP: Interesting Manny Diaz quote on Jhavonte Dean

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Image: http://i.imgur.com/DO4nMek.jpg

The U Network

by Lester Burnham @ CanesInSight

https://sports.yahoo.com/u-network-richt-reaches-miami-alumni-needing-help-154244157--ncaaf.html ---Quote--- CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) -- The...

So Much For That Theory...

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

...that all you need are good coordinators to win. The fish rots from the head and Ol' Eddie Orgeron is a giant carp. Attachment 50105...

Diaz Post-Game Presser

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

Can someone explain why we "couldn't play nickel"? https://youtu.be/UsooG3aZrAI

Desmond Howard Has Us in the Playoffs

by atlCanesFan @ CanesInSight

ESPN’s Desmond Howard picks Miami Hurricanes to make 2017 College Football Playoff | Canes Watch...

Travis homer very solid #2 rb

by brock @ CanesInSight

Homer is the real deal. Miami will have a better 1, 2 punch then most teams in the country outside of a handful. He has been very good against our...

Ojomo cant get right

by gogeta4 @ CanesInSight

Former UM player accused of operating illegal personal watercraft business – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale...

Miami section at FSU game

by GladeCane @ CanesInSight

Guys, Little help here: Out of state Cane Diehard who has never been to an away game. How do I get tickets to sit in the Miami section at the...

OT: Kelvin Benjamin is Fat (SIAP)

by crimson_cane @ CanesInSight

deadspin-quote-carrot-aligned-w-bgr-2 (http://deadspin.com/ron-rivera-would-appreciate-if-you-wouldnt-talk-about-k-1795580694) "Kelvin Benjamin...

Official don't be a

by imurcane @ CanesInSight

prick since football season is starting . . . but if you insist on it at the least be funny with it. In fact if you have to be a prick just post...

UM�s Richt opens up on where he needed to improves + Notes

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

UM's Richt opens up on where he needed to improve; Canes notes | Miami Herald...

My prediction for the rest of the season

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

GT- Miami wins could be fun game to watch and high scoring. Syracuse- Miami wins in blow out fashion the Orangemen don't have the talent to...

Canes Roster contains 13th most nfl caliber talent.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami?s roster with contains 13th most ?NFL-caliber talent...

MIAMI-FSU Post Game Analytics and Recap (In-Depth)

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Just kidding. Here to reap the souls of the micropenis puzzys that doubted the canes all week. Sad that some 15 year old recruits have more balls...

Lorenzo Lingard Army All American presentation tomorrow 11am

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

Official jersey presentation is at 11:00 AM tomorrow. Words can't even describe how happy I am for him. 917886407833681921

I fvckin hate Pat Forde

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Forde's hate for Miami is so obvious. Where the fvck is Mark Richt? About to take the Canes to our first ACC title game. But not on this list. ...

Sam Bruce : second chance ?

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

He tweeted a pic of him playing for miami and said "God got me....U for life" Just wondering if its possible at all for us to take him back and...

Week 1 Predictions

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Thursday: Ohio State 42 Indiana 21 OK St 49 Tulsa 20 Friday: Washington 65 Rutgers 14


by Fly1 @ CanesInSight

And inform him there are such things as the NICKEL & DIME defense that can be used from time to time. It's like the ghosts of D'Onofrio have come...

SIAP Canesallaccess BC UM game highlights

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight


Deejay Dallas

by Canes82 @ CanesInSight

Given the potential log jam we have a WR (Richards, Berrios, Harris, Cager, Thomas, Harley, Langham)....in addition to what we have coming in next...

Props to the fans

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

The visitor side of Wallace was easily 2/3 Miami fans, and they were loud!

As a Miami fan

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

You should want NC to lose next week vs looserville

FSU rain game Payton and Taylor

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

New to board but I go back to the Charley Tate years.Since this game Saturday could have rain it is essential to get our run game going well.I like...

Replay of game on Skycam

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Slim Jim SkyCam - #13 Miami vs. Florida State (Football) - WatchESPN (http://www.espn.com/watch/player?id=3191848) Awesome view of the game. Great...

Official Visits

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

Dates and faces updated as needed Jalen Carey August 25 IQ September 9 *cancelled due to Irma no word...

Miami Offers '18 DL Tyler Friday (NJ)

by Tayt21 @ CanesInSight

Don Bosco Prep star 861645722386649092 Kool on the prowl Still can't figure out how to embed the tweets, help appreciated.

Shout out to All Canes

by CANEMC @ CanesInSight

Placed an order yesterday and they immediately called to tell me an item wasn't in stock. So instead they gave me another shirt for a better price. ...

Potential Breakout Prospects for Paradise Camp tonight

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight

These are the prospects I will be keeping a closer eye on tonight. 2018: S Avonta Crim - Vanguard LB Ricky Williams Jr - Blake 2019: LB...

Website has predicted the 2017 miami hurricanes to go 12 0

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Fun times: A website has predicted the 2017 Miami Hurricanes to go 12-0, and it doesn’t end there | Canes Watch...

Shocked to Learn That Richt, Diaz and Kool Were Not Fired

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

During yesterday�s first half against Toledo a large number of posters fired Richt, Diaz and put Coach Kool on notice when taking his defensive...

Miami vs FSU (Full Game)

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/70XJw0R62_A Classic!

Wednesday July 6th 2016 Free Laundry Event at Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post Wednesday July 6th 2016 Free Laundry Event at Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

SIAP Richt's demeanor last night

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

So what was up with Right last night, he seemed more irritable than I ever seen him. Dropping F-bombs left and right. Looked like he even called out...

Preseason Predictions

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Lindy's Magazine has Miami 16th in the nation and 5th in the ACC. That's all I had a chance to see at the store before my 5 year old got bored in...

Who Scores First TD of Season-SIAP

by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

If we receive opening kickoff- Jeff Thomas house call If we kick to them first - Malek Young int return If they go 3 and out- Berrios punt...

Fight at Champagnat vs. Miami High Spring Game?

by Canes1968 @ CanesInSight

Did it involve any of our recruits?

Comparing Perry and Mariota. What you all think?

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight


Miles Wilson commits

by Problem2 @ CanesInSight

Mount St. Mary's transfer Miles Wilson committed to Miami (Fl) on Thursday, he told Scout. "The relationship that I've built with Coach...

Adrian Colbert back on the podcast tomorrow

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

What do you want to know

Zagacki, Joaquin Gonzo, Manny Diaz,etc twitter response...

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

to this idiot Brett McMurphy....good for them! https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/906174313975484417

Few things I heard today

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

**At linebacker, the top two targets are still Patrick Joyner and Rosendo Louis. After Louis visited on Thursday, Miami is squarely in the picture....

Trent Harris potential

by brock @ CanesInSight

He's not often mentioned when listing our front 7 but the kid can play. He was 3rd on the team in sacks last year and had 9.5 tackles for loss while...

Miami being rusty is showing big time so far in this half

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

Walton down with injury, the offense a mess, defense is struggling currently down in this game.

Miami Hurricanes Hype Poem- F$U Edition

by reg @ CanesInSight

*What's up CIS crew? You know I had to drop something for FSU week. I went for the throat on this one!!! * https://youtu.be/nkjaZah2Hi0

Georgia Tech will be a hand full for us.....

by troyskiles @ CanesInSight

History says different, but we cannot think for a minute that they are not hungry, see a great opportunity and will come to play and win. Right now,...

ITU article on Rosier

by bhall960 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes QB Malik Rosier Delivers Message at Halftime, Makes Statement in Second Half...

SIAP: Artur left out of Elite 11 Finals Competition?

by Southcane @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Radar: Artur Sitkowski Left Out of Elite 11 Finals Competition - State of The U...

Aflac Trivia Question:

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

What is the largest margin of defeat for a Top-3 team in poll history? Chris Fowler "Does it involve the :neonu:?" Fvck Chris Fowler in his...

Toledo vs Miami (Full Game)

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight


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Kosi meets with media for first time

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

N'Kosi Perry meets the media | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article167159377.html) Edit: I've...

Miami football and Duke basketball fans

by Thread Killa @ CanesInSight

Who are you'll cowards rooting for this week? cane305, plantcity3, @wolf

Really Schiano...

by CanesFan448 @ CanesInSight

Now an OSU sellout. Saying that his d line this year is better than Miami's in '99 and 2000 and better than the d lines when was with the Bucs. ...

DeQuan Jones and Trey McKinney-Jones signed for Pacers Camp

by jhtheking @ CanesInSight

https://8points9seconds.com/2017/09/08/indiana-pacers-keeping-joneses/ They're projecting that Trey will be back with the Mad Ants in the...

Miami Post game Review

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight


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Mark richards

by brock @ CanesInSight

Ahmmon's brother is starting to blow up, he already had miami and auburn offers. This week he has picked up offers from osu, uf and Louisville

Barry's personnel notes post-game

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Thoughts, notes from UM's win against Toledo | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article175081396.html)...

Jashaun Corbin

by gatorsSUCK! @ CanesInSight

Jashaun Corbin just de-committed from Tennessee. He normally plays RB/slot and safety. He has offers essentially everywhere but us. His...

The Less You Care... about Bethune-Cookman

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Carrying on the rich tradition of Dan E. Dangerously et al, we take a detailed (and slightly nihilistic) look at Miami's season opener against...

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I fking love Bandy!

by Canez1 @ CanesInSight

2 games in a row he has made a crucial pre-snap read and doing it as a true frosh!

Canes Travis Home & Jeff Thomas turning heads on offense

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Young Miami Hurricanes Travis Homer, Jeff Thomas turning heads on offense | Canes Watch...

New BOT members.

by Firesite @ CanesInSight

http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2017/05/05/university-of-miami-elects-new-members-to-board-of.html New members elected to the...

Support Hurricane Relief Efforts with WolfNet

by Marketing Team @ WolfNet

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Donate to the IPF with Match Marcus

by TheEye @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Membership (http://umbuildingchampions.com/2017-01/index2.php/?DB_OEM_ID=28700) This should be a better link. Thank...

Jonathan Vilma sighting....

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

So I'm in town visiting relatives and we decide to go to Pinchos factory in Hialeah....I see this relative big dude working the kitchen, fixing our...

QBs will be live and 2 scrimmages/weeks to determine starter

by fincane @ CanesInSight

Who will be the Miami Hurricanes’ starting quarterback in 2017? What Mark Richt said at the ACC Kickoff | Canes Watch...


by Rajib @ CanesInSight

*Go Miami Go. *

Don Brown, Dave Aranda, Manny Diaz

by WilforkHOF @ CanesInSight

Who will finish with the best defensive unit?

Scrimmage vid. SIAP

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight


Jon Richt reveals regarding position battle

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

All credit to SMD and the herald, it's worth the read: UM quarterback coach reveals details regarding position battle | Miami Herald...

SW Louisiana

by ealleyn @ CanesInSight

Does anyone here live in Sw Louisiana? Looking for some other canes fans around here, I'm in Lafayette

NCAA Football Game Predicts Miami vs FSU (Current Rosters)

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Not the outcome I expected unfortunately... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtj0krmrCyU

Brian mauerer

by mlw352 @ CanesInSight

Kids from west port high big kid long and seems pretty athletic kinda raw but has tools trying to gauge you guys thoughts on him it's been slow on...

Yockey Joseph

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Joseph Yockey explores unique ways in which laws can encourage social enterprises to develop and flourish.… Read More

Reliable Online single game ticket sellers

by caneworld @ CanesInSight

Can you recommend any single game ticket sellers who are reliable?

Cody Wyoming

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FSU Diss Track [Miami vs FSU 2017]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


siap- had fsu returned the last kickoff for a td

by db305 @ CanesInSight

it would not have counted anyway for 2 #29s (https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=29s) on the field. ...

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24 hour Laundromat: East Side Iowa City Marketplace/Sycamore Mall, IA

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My first Miami/fsu game.

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

Wow, guys.. that was amazing.. my 2nd canes game ever and my first Miami/fsu game. I was in shock last night when we got the win!! Hopefully Walton &...

The Most Important Game of the Year

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Is us vs virginia tech I don't care if they beat clemson or not it doesn't make a single difference. I expect both of us to win every coastal...

Nesciunt vel rerum qui

by nextAdmin1 @ Ames Eye Clinic

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**New Recruiting Rule**

by 337CaneNation @ CanesInSight

I not sure if everyone heard about this new rule!! Check it out.. New Recruiting Rule Will Benefit the Miami Hurricanes...

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ESPN Clown

by SoFlaSmitty @ CanesInSight

This guy Trevor just said that ND has better skill players on offense then every team they face including Miami? Is this real? He thinks ND will be...

Arthur Sitkpwski-first impression

by MetiSkeemz @ CanesInSight

I just watched this entire game against Carol Cityand I can honestly rate sitkowski. I think they're live streaming games for IMG via YouTube all...

4-24-2017 Legislative Update

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

The 2017 session of the 87th Iowa General Assembly adjourned on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  The final legislative update has posted.  If you have any questions, please contact Matt Pruss, Director of Legislative Affairs at the IIC Office.  Please click here for the April 24, 2017 legislative update.  

How slow are we??***Official Speed Ratings***

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

Went to the game with the fam... Saw Cam Davis and Lingard..Dam that Lingard is a specimen (No ) I watched the first kickoff we looked so phucking...

TuTu Atwell = Roscoe Parrish

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

Miami needs to offer this dude. One of S Fl best playmakers

Manny Diaz : Player leadership on defense is better

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Image: https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/789/484/6_7484789.jpg Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is pleased with the leadership that...

So uhhhh....Miami vs. FSU predictions, then?

by TheU1988 @ CanesInSight

2 weeks "off" and an abysmal performance against mighty Bethune Cookman leads me to believe the losing streak stays alive. Not a blowout and probably...

Georgia Tech�s RB Dedrick Mills dismissed from team

by DerekDohrman @ CanesInSight

Georgia Tech's Dedrick Mills dismissed from team...

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Mark Richt speaks at banquet

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

SIAP https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pS-KC2VzGTo

3 Ways You Can Step Up Your SEO Game

by Jeff Millett @ TheSEOWhiz.com

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Miami Vs Fsu Gametime

by 252cane @ CanesInSight

Delete this.

ESPN's Computer Prediction for Sat...

by ironarrow97 @ CanesInSight

Hahaha. ESPN. You never learn. Didn't your dumb computer also say DOOK was gonna beat The U?!?! ESPN?s Early Prediction For Miami-Florida State...

QB talk via Matt Porter(Now with more sauces)

by fincane @ CanesInSight

N’Kosi Perry working on poise; Ahmmon Richards on QBs; Thomas Brown on offense, RBs, WRs, TEs | Canes Watch...

SIAP fumble on fsu's final drive

by TheU1986 @ CanesInSight

was it me or was that a fumble by the fsu rb. the play def shouldnt have been called dead because the fsu rb was still fighting for yards. and after...

So glad...

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

The defense gave us more flap material.

Anyone put money on Miami at 8.5+ or 9+ wins for the season?

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

Just curious.

UM Athletic Dept set a new record in fundraising

by djh @ CanesInSight

Miami Athletic Department Sets Record In Annual Giving...

Who is here from old Grassy/Scout?

by TheEye @ CanesInSight

It's officially gone. 247 has absorbed the site. What were your old handles?

Something to Think About – Before You Develop a Website for Your Business

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Miami +3 vs FSU

by RyanCane26 @ CanesInSight

Although I'm sure game gets moved thought the line was interesting

FBI Uncovers Massive NCAA Scandal, Miami Coach Investigated

by GenericYesMan @ CanesInSight

https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/press-release/file/998751/download Attachment 50467...

Desmond Howard picks the Canes to win the ACC

by NJshoreCane @ CanesInSight

On Mike and Mike this morning. Loves our defense, especially the front 7. Yes Desmond, we know. Herbstreit goes FSU.

ESPN CFB Power Rankings...What the...???

by SoCalPete73 @ CanesInSight

Top 25 loaded with familiar names (http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20210159/top-25-loaded-familiar-names) I get Alabama being #1...

Miami vs FSU Overview Video

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight



by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

903665838640828417 Diaz with the goat reply. How fast can we get these shirts made?

Dry Weather Conditions Increases Risk of Beaches Becoming Contaminated

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

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Official v. Unofficial

by War Damn Ibis @ CanesInSight

Other than only being allowed to take a certain amount of OV's, what are the differences between the two types of visits?

Jay Cutler to the phins...

by sfowler06 @ CanesInSight

The Hurricanes will be the kings of miami soon, if not already lol. 894250384084041728

OT: Bama fan worried about language barrier for Hawaiian QB

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

It doesn't get any dumber than to worry about the transition for a kid from Hawaii to the "states." Alabama fan concerned about ?language barrier?...

Feels like last year- our fans were confident we'd beat FSU

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

I've been watching Canes vs Noles for 35 years, and this just feels like a bad omen to me. I'm superstitious as hell, especially when it comes to...

Eye-Opening Richt Change + other UM Notes

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

UM with new plan at RB; Eye-opening Golden to Richt change | Miami Herald...

Ole Bobby Bowden and special teams

by Cane since 1060 @ CanesInSight

Didn't have the greatest kickers but he found ways to block punts etc.My guess is Jumbo tries to take a page out of Bobbys book to compensate for...

Anonymous Rival Coaches Scout Top 25 Teams - Miami #20

by FRCane @ CanesInSight

Usually don't post or click on stuff from SI but .... ...

DJ Johnson is not playing RB at Miami

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Awful report. That is not happening.

Miami vs Toledo Preview Video [With Score Prediction]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


247 Article - 2018 Commit NFL Comparison

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

Here's the article... NFL Comps: Who Do The 2018 Miami Commits Remind Us Of?...


by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

Ok fellas. Never been to a Miai home game. Been to numerous road games being in the military. My friend is stationed in Miami at southcom. Looking to...

Slide 32 of 136: The Walker and Brown

by arusdaman @ CanesInSight

Tennessee vs Georgia Tech Live Stream (https://www.facebook.com/events/128191467822021)

2017-2018 Canes ARE NOT under the radar

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

5. *Can Miami actually win an ACC title?*: Simply put: Yes, they can. They won one in 2013 and finishing a game out of first place in 2016, and this...

Amazing Celebration video SIAP

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4iityek5LQ Berrios and coach hugging it out man almost shed a tear mane

Siap: Ahmmon Richards unlikely to play vs Bethune

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

Miami receiver Ahmmon Richards unlikely to play against Bethune-Cookman...

OT: Need a little help---Canes who played for the Giants

by geno3233 @ CanesInSight

I think I got everybody but if I missed someone can you let me know Barrow Burt Holmes King Flowers Philips Rolle McGahee

Content Marketing + Social Media = SEO

by Wes McKibbon @ The Home Buyer's Korner

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Barry Jackson latest blog

by brock @ CanesInSight

UM loses WRs, CBs to draft yet arguably stronger there | Miami Herald...

Countdown to Kickoff: Toledo Rockets

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Image: http://www.cardmagnet.info/miami-hurricanes-football-cards/magic-benton/magic-benton-1996-miami-hurricanes-gatorade-sga.png

2021 Miami Central OL/DL:Laurence "Big Baby" Seymour offered

by Geo305 @ CanesInSight

https://twitter.com/cis_geo/status/871076277947686913 https://twitter.com/laurenc09134140/status/871064468234612738 Have brought him up before...

SIAP -- This is Miami

by Fawk_U Haters @ CanesInSight

I suck at pasting videos or tweets, but has anyone else seen the new Miami Recruiting video that Playmaker Narrates?

Poppa Shaq - A Question

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

Last season, and especially this year - in camps, here, there, and yonder - I see seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen being interviewed - and...

UM Prez confirms UM under investigation

by atlCanesFan @ CanesInSight

Well now it's official. Ok, now I'm getting worried ...

Hurns is what Miami football is all about

by grover @ CanesInSight

Allen Hurns gives back to his alma mater Carol City | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/high-school/article151761862.html) "Hurns...

Coach Diaz, Rumph & more... Post Practice Presser 8/8/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/HWBatrIncDc https://youtu.be/utbjBF48aEo https://youtu.be/8wzR7u8U9iY https://youtu.be/9MQyX73ThSY https://youtu.be/SfUTGZBe6dw

Bianchi takes off on UFlop

by the storm @ CanesInSight

LOL LOL.....Calls UFlop suspended players a 'band of thieves'. Apparently McEltooth has a real cluster on his hands.

Tornado activity detected near Hard Rock during storm

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Dolphins assess what, if any, damage Irma caused to stadium | Miami Herald...


by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

Anthony Schwartz, American Heritage, Wide Receiver (http://247sports.com/player/anthony-schwartz-90347) I have a gut feeling Miami is going really...

GT @ Miami Either Noon or 3:30.

by CaneInControl @ CanesInSight

Per ACC.

Week 7 betting thread

by CaneOil @ CanesInSight

I'm taking NM state -7 against G Southern. Back to a 100 dollar bet. 3-3 so far but up 200 because of the big Miami bet. Miami is down to -5.5...

OT - Shrimp and Beer Night This Wednesday

by Stony157 @ CanesInSight

The Miami Touchdown Club is having its annual Shrimp and Beer Night this Wednesday night at 7:30pm in the Havana Room in the Casino at Hialeah Park. ...

Diaz Concepts

by bAMACANE @ CanesInSight

By no means am I a defensive guru, however I just don't understand this about Diaz's defense. This alignment is from yesterday's game. Attachment...

Arkstate article

by mjl7atlas @ CanesInSight

SIAP, but this is unreal. I hope we destroy them beyond what we would normallythe next time we play them because of articles like this. Good...

Some images to reduce worry about Gerald Willis' LOA

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

As we've discussed, the top 3 DTs will now, at least initially, likely be Kendrick Norton, RJ Mcintosh and Anthony Moten. From what's been...

The U or The U Part 2

by OldhamA @ CanesInSight

Over here in England BT Sport have shown the two Miami 30 for 30s back to back nights. I'm curious, which one do you guys prefer and why?

UF is garbage

by Dmorgan15 @ CanesInSight

We should never lose a recruit to them. Especially on the offensive side. Straight garbage! Hot garbage!

Dayall Harris Suspensed 3 Games

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Dayall Harris of Miami Hurricanes suspended 3 games for violating team rules...

Indoor Practice Facility Construction Photos

by GPB @ CanesInSight

I know the construction of the IPF has just started, but I thought these photos would be of interest, especially to anyone not familiar with the...

MIA -11.5

by ball915 @ CanesInSight

at Arkansas State

Miami-Syracuse set for 3:30

by DualThreat @ CanesInSight


ESPN's top OL situations for next year - Miami @ 14

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight

14. Miami Hurricanes Miami returned five starters in 2016 but lost one after five starts and another after nine. They had 152 rushing YPG (4.5...

Rival Traditions?

by Canesrule230 @ CanesInSight

I thought I read somewhere that fsu flies Hurricane Flags on the week they play Miami? Is this true? Do we do anything special to signify its fsu...

Met Des Howard last week and...

by BeachCanes @ CanesInSight

I live in Miami and Des Howard is one of my firm's clients. Did not directly work with him but as he was passing by I semi-jokingly mentioned they...

4 Tips For Marketing With Social Media

by Salterra Admin @ Salterra Affordable Web Design, Internet Marketing, and SEO

4 Tips For Marketing With Social Media Marketing with social media has become extremely important for businesses of all kinds. Whether you are starting a new business or trying to get more recognition for one that you already own, you should take to social media to start marketing the business a bit more. Although there [...]

Diaz on 3rd Down

by DeadPoets @ CanesInSight

2nd quarter - FSU is facing 3rd and 7. Diaz puts in nickel package - single high man under (w bandy). We rush 4, have a safety come up and...

Booker T vs Miami Central

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Any ways to stream?

Upset Alert!

by holdnorth @ CanesInSight

2-2 Iowa State beating Oklahoma in the 4th quarter. Let’s see what Baker Mayfield is made of. Good game to pass the next 40 minutes.

So no. Call-out threads today?

by MedleyCane @ CanesInSight

Txcane? Brian's Thong? CanesProPutrefaction? Where are you guys? Please share some of your pom-pom infused thoughts after you're finished...

Adrian Colbert to start on TNF

by Kendall Boy Cane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 50213 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=50213) **SIAP** This game is now not totally unbearable to watch for...

Kirk Herbstreit Polygraph Results

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Kirk Herbstreit has been associated with College Game Day for over 20 years and in that time I have never heard him utter one undeserved negative...

Officially Media Favorites for Coastal

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

Now that it's been established, let's do the damn thing. See you in Charlotte. ACC football | Florida State, Clemson picked to top the...

Marquez Williams Signs 4 Yr Contract with Jags

by the storm @ CanesInSight

$2.5M over 4 years with $70k signing bonus. GO CANES!

Why N'Kosi Perry will be Starting QB

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

I just posted a video covering why I believe that N'Kosi Perry will be the starting QB at Miami: ...

Let's debate... (part 1) Offensive Line

by 1CN @ CanesInSight

Offensive Line 1.Who starts? 2.Who's your top 8 or 9 offensive lineman? 3.Who has NFL potential? 4.Can Jahair Jones contribute? Attachment...

More players raving about Perry

by reg @ CanesInSight

And another one...... https://www.google.com/amp/www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-hurricanes/fl-sp-um-football-nkosi-perry-20170707-story,amp.html

New 2018 offer out

by The U Code @ CanesInSight

Jeremiah Salaam from frostproof Florida is reporting a Miami offer, rivals lists him as a 3star athlete and shows him having some pretty good offers...

High School Football

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

I haven't been following high school football in south florida much this year. I know miami northwestern is good and booker t and central are...

Kirk Herbstreit tweet during the second half of Duke game

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt has Canes Football lookin GOOOOOD!!!! That defense is scary fast, Coach Manny Diaz, I see ya big boy!!! And QB is steady hand.

Chiropractic SEO: Why Top-of-Page-One Isn’t the Goal

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Seo Agency Basin Wyoming

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Georgia/App St question?

by OrangetieFatface @ CanesInSight

Huge win today. Great success. Also, I think App St is playing at Georgia? Does anyone know how UGA got them to travel?

Walton out for the year

by fraggle @ CanesInSight

Hard to replace him...damn! Mark Walton of Miami Hurricanes undergoing season-ending ankle surgery...

In motion

by matty1 @ CanesInSight

I haven't really been glued to the TV today but glimpsed at about 10 games. Is Miami the only college team that doesn't use any kind of motion. Is...

Ball placement on the TD review

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

SIAP, but what's the deal with the ball being placed at the OLS if they had ruled no TD? Why would it not have been at the spot his knee was down?

Free E-Book: Real Estate Marketing for REALTORS®

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ACCDN: Miami Defense

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/DhICEteog6c https://youtu.be/ryH0ADEMO-M They ranked our LB Corp #1...

Miami getting a little be of love from CFN Contributors

by Shogungts @ CanesInSight

I'm not sure I am buying a playoff level team yet (obviously hope that I am wrong), but at least some non local media folk are: Image:...

Just bought my tickets! WE READY

by Jayhud11 @ CanesInSight

Just bought tickets to the game this weekend. First ever Miami / fsu game. Where's everyone sitting?! We're in section 12!! GO CANES

Slow Day.. So What if UF never stop playing Miami? My result

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

Trying to be unbiased.. Trying to be fair. What do y'all think? *88: UM 89: UM 90: UM 91: UM 92: UM 93: UM 94: UM* 95: UF

Recruits on Miami vs FSU

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

Every non-FSU commit thinks Miami will win ...

Update on 2019 Northwestern LB Samuel Brooks Jr.

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Brooks was just offered by Miami. I spoke to a few people at Miami's camp today including Samuel Brooks. Don't be suprised if he pulls the trigger....

STORM '18 vid

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

I'm telling y'all boys. We keep this class together , we WILL be back! SIAP https://youtu.be/DjyuoHI2o5Y

How does our defense look in 2nd half

by Hemsleysalmons @ CanesInSight

Where are you posters that gave up on Diaz at half time and said he is a disaster; little premature comments by you know nothings.

Coach Richt, McIntosh & more... Post Practice Presser 8/1/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/EcN8ptqQDl0 https://youtu.be/AQlz4O6IwGo https://youtu.be/CGFbM0DOAUs https://youtu.be/THO8Z4dp5zg https://youtu.be/93IaSqp9VeM

my 2 cents

by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

couldn't have asked for a better experience for my first fsu/miami game. great atmosphere and canes took over the stadium after the win. CLASSIC...

Manny Diaz linebacker recruiting

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

It's refreshing to see how Diaz targets LBs. He's already offered Gregory Rousseau, Patrick Joyner and Ashtan Pierre, none of whom play LB in high...

Miami oline performance vs ncstate

by brock @ CanesInSight

Was our oline perfect in that game? No but it was an encouraging performance against an elite run stopping defense. Credit to mark walton for getting...

Predict Miami/Toledo score under Al Golden & Company

by dodaniels @ CanesInSight

45-23 Toledo

FSU Triage report

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Keep it classy. Quarterback James Blackman limped off the field at one point and entered FSU's injury tent on the sideline. He re-emerged to...

Made a bet

by TheCane55 @ CanesInSight

Made a 200 dollar bet with a buddy of mine that Miami wins 10 regular season games this season. Good bet?

Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott

by SevnandSevn @ CanesInSight

Just read this on 247. Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott Miami Adds Former Alabama Walk-on FB Parrott...

Barry Jackson's "Ten things we're hearing"

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Ten things we're hearing on the University of Miami's offense | Miami Herald...

Miami 5 Wake Forest 2 (F) - CANES WIN

by Jaromir Jagr @ CanesInSight

Miami Top 1 - Got the leadoff runner on but no hits. Wake Bottom 1 - Solo Home run Miami Top 2 - three strikeouts Wake Bottom 2 - One runner...

Miami vs Duke Preview Video [With Score Prediction]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


Players evacuating article

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Hurricane Irma: Miami Hurricanes players, coaches flee South Florida; some Arkansas State fans upset about football game | Canes Watch...

WSJ Football Program Value Rankings

by cowboycane @ CanesInSight

https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-much-is-your-college-football-team-worth-1506000030 WSJ is behind a firewall, but it has Miami ranked 33rd and...

Bleak's Toledo Player Grades

by blackvern @ CanesInSight

Missed the game due to my daughters soccer game but just watched it on watch ESPN. Just gonna blurt out names that came to my mind *Coach Diaz*-...


by QSTOKES @ CanesInSight

saw some recent photos of him on social media....looks physically imposing. Big Gus got him right, excited to see him play this year.

saban scheduling idea

by canesstevealum08 @ CanesInSight

https://sports.yahoo.com/nick-saban-suggests-power-five-schedule-big-schools-204858098.html brilliant

Porter, and Reynolds "our" media squeezing UM nuts.

by 1983canes @ CanesInSight

I thought Porter was going to get better? Aah, but no. He pokes at Miami just trying to start to practice. Get our team back together and on the...

Ahmon Richards hurt?

by DunedinCANE @ CanesInSight

Miami wideout Ahmmon Richards sits out Hurricanes’ scrimmage with pulled hamstring – CollegeFootballTalk...

LSU shutting down UT's Satellite Camps

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

Interesting article about how LSU is basically shutting down camps set up by Texas in Lousiana. deadspin-quote-carrot-aligned-w-bgr-2...

Highlights: Art Sitkowski first 3 games (senior season)

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Here are some clips of Miami QB commit Artur Sitkowski from the first three games of his senior season at IMG. 909471115755614214

2019 St. Thomas Aquinas LB Jahmar Brown is camping at Miami

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Big time 2019 LB Jahmar Brown is currently on campus at Miami. Great size and length. He was chatting with coach Manny Diaz earlier Attachment...

Winning all games but FSU? I hope we will all.

by R9dblanco @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes football: Matt Porter’s 2017 game-by-game predictions | Canes Watch...

OTH request

by CFLCane @ CanesInSight

Can we get an OTH special about why Chad Wilson is such a ? Thanks in advance.

Which ACC coach would you guess said this about Diaz?

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

I saw the new athlon college football preview mag this morning briefly in the grocery store and they had this anonymous quote "Manny Diaz does a...



Iowa Institute for Coops

Visit the post for more.

Predictions on Tonight's Big Games

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

Give me your predictions on all four: Auburn @ Clemson Georgia @ Notre Shame Oklahoma @ Ohio Taint Stanford @ USC

Fuller update

by STORM_FRONT 1964 @ CanesInSight

You guys may have seen this already... After further review.... per another site...the family is moving to Georgia this Summer. Atlanta to be more...

Barry Jackson's "ten things we're hearing" 2: THE DEFENSE

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Ten things we're hearing on the University of Miami defense and surprise twist | Miami Herald...

Evaluation of procedures to quantify solvent retention in electrospun fibers and facilitate solvent removal

Evaluation of procedures to quantify solvent retention in electrospun fibers and facilitate solvent removal


Electrospun fiber scaffolds crafted from polyesters are studied extensively for potential tissue engineering applications. For translation of electrospun fibers into the clinic, the FDA requires analy

Haskins Gone

by brock @ CanesInSight

Gone smh via twitter That makes 5 of our 19 signees in 2016 that have left the program. Te for 2017 Herndon Irvin Polendy We will be in...

Thoughts upon rewatching the game

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Overall, I thought it was a good win. Toledo punches above their weight class, and Miami beat them by three scores under unique circumstances. -...

FSU game time?...SIAP

by caneofny @ CanesInSight

Is this game still at 8, or is it TBA? I've seen both. TIA.

Game times announced for Bethune, Ark St, Duke, GT

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DBLVL87WAAAbDLO.jpg:large Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DBLViYLXcAQcqXF.jpg:large

Major potential rule change - Transfers eligible immediately

by joshgavidia @ CanesInSight

This change would seem to impact college football pretty significantly in my opinion. Just not sure weather it would be a good or bad change....

TOP 25 GAMES OF 2016

by marshallrc13 @ CanesInSight

Watching tail end of Miami vs FSU from last season. Came in as 17th best game of last yr. I spool need the season to start already.

Early Signing Period Confirmed

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

Collegiate Commissioners Association approves early signing period for football...

Interesting issue/non issue

by CaniacOnTheDanceFloor @ CanesInSight

So in light of the recent Brieon Fuller developments I was reminded of a post I saw years ago on Miami Scout (2006). The poster alluded to a coming...


by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Great coverage skills. Stays right in receivers hip. If he learns to turn and find the ball he could be special. Unfortunately I see no improvement...

Harley officially starting at WR.

by reg @ CanesInSight

Per the other site, Mike Harley has earned a starting spot at WR. At first glance, I assumed it was because Richards is being held out the first...

Sweet Canes Games

by Verobob @ CanesInSight

Golly, gee I don't which of the 2 games gave me more joy than my marriage: 1) Canes 57 Notre Dame 7. I was there, there, there. Vinnie destroyed...

OT: Food and Other Upgrades to Hard Rock

by DualThreat @ CanesInSight

Hard Rock Stadium debuts 6 new food options – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale...

special teams

by jtaz34 @ CanesInSight

i think we're laying off of st because of the bad defense but man we need someone to take over that knows what to do. kickoffs - it seems any...

JR Smith's 8th Grade Nephew Commits to Miami (Seriously)

by RocketsandCanes @ CanesInSight


Breakdown of defenses of Miami, NC St and WF.

by CaneOil @ CanesInSight

To the guys who can break down defenses, your opinions on ours compared to NC ST's and WF's? IMO, this is where the game will be won or lost. I'm...

Someone please tell me...

by cooks002 @ CanesInSight

That this is Miami of Ohio.... OwlsDaily @TempleOwlsDaily BREAKING: Temple has signed a home-and-home football deal with Miami, per AAC...

Jobe possible decommitment?

by shyrone @ CanesInSight


CMR: "We gotta fill that stadium" for Ga Tech game

by Ole Blue @ CanesInSight

CMR wanting 65k on Saturday... hope it happens! https://www.diehards.com/miami/mark-richt-urges-hurricanes-fans-to-pack-hard-rock-stadium

Free Laundry in Quad Cities in March (Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa)

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post Free Laundry in Quad Cities in March (Laundromania in Davenport, Iowa) appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

Draft Breakdown 2018

by mojoxd @ CanesInSight

I know we just concluded the 2017 draft but Draft Breakdown has put together some vids for our potential 2018 prospects. I'll keep updating the OP as...

***Countdown to Kickoff Thread 2017***

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DAl7xuWXUAI8sO7.jpg

Fau vs bcu

by brock @ CanesInSight

This is concerning to me. Diaz and the defense got to step it up next weekend. There was no reason for that type of performance against bcu and then...

Defensive Backs - You Guys Are Over Thinking It

by Category 6 @ CanesInSight

There's some odd stuff being said on this board right now about Diaz, Dee, the whole defense ect. The reality is the current situation is exactly...

Vegas O/U odds out - Miami at 8.5

by SouthernM @ CanesInSight

Las Vegas sports book releases over/under for college football 2017 win totals | NCAA Football | Sporting News...

First Wednesday in December: Free Laundry Washing Event in Davenport, Iowa

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post First Wednesday in December: Free Laundry Washing Event in Davenport, Iowa appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

Cowboys vs Colts

by GAhurricane @ CanesInSight

I know about Stephen Morris, are there any other Miami guys that will play in this game?

SIAP Joey & Jesse Postgame

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

Observations: - Loved Braxton's interview. He was channeling his inner Moss there. - It seems like Jesse is bullish on Miami, which, because...

Big Vince!

by iCaneOX @ CanesInSight

Apparently he's the spokesperson for Kingsford Charcoal now! Pretty funny commercial! 864793645039337472

Welcome back Miami Magic!

by Pentagon Cane @ CanesInSight

All is right in the war of college football.

Don Bailey interview in Tampa Bay area 7/19/2017

by Tim @ CanesInSight


SIAP Walton Snubbed

by Jax Cane @ CanesInSight

Go figure , Walton got snubbed for ACC back of the week So ridiculous

On Page SEO 101: Meta Title Tags

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2nd Half will say alot about this Canes team

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

So far Miami has looked awful this 1st half both on offense and defense the question now is can Richt adjust the game plan so that Miami can come...

Shelters if you get stuck on the road.......

by Tweed @ CanesInSight

Hey guys, my wife works for the State Health Dept. here in Central Florida & is running a shelter for those families with "special needs". They will...

Phil Steele bullish on Miami (560 interview)

by ebfinest @ CanesInSight

Audio « CBS Miami (http://miami.cbslocal.com/audio/560-wqam/)

GT fans are firing shots

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Not that I give a shit, but..... I feel a lot better about our game versus Miami after that. I honestly put us at a 70% chance of winning now. ...

Mark Richt�s Run Game Playbook in 2017

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

This was an excellent read. Link to full article & play diagram video clips Possible Additions to Mark Richt?s Run Game Playbook in 2017 - State...

Good Article On Perry

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Pretty good article on nkosi and why he will work in richts system. https://accsports.com/acc-news/football/nkosi-perry-miami-football/

Bama in 2021

by orange&green84 @ CanesInSight

It's official. 905115878999470080

Twitter pics of FSu & Miami

by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Coley making Dalvin throw up the U 917439138013597696 917534251800776704 917479367307120649

Shaq Is Enjoying Media Day

by UknowWhat @ CanesInSight

Got a few texts messages from Shaq throughout the day... seems to be enjoying the day... Watch UM Hurricanes linebacker Shaq Quarterman, aka...

Top 40 Miami recruits of the last 10 years

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Miami?s Top Ranked Recruits In The Last Ten Years...

UM's Perry "Looks Like a Natural"

by umhurricane2511 @ CanesInSight

New UM QB Perry "looks like a natural," teammate says | Miami Herald...

2017 Cooperative Intern Day – July 6th

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

Please join us for the second annual Cooperative Intern Day to be held at the Monsanto Learning Center in Huxley, Iowa on July 6th.  Click here for agenda and registration information.

Shouldve expected this...

by shayleon @ CanesInSight

Im beyond pissed at the first half performance but when I calm down, I realize that I shouldve expected this. Miami played 1 game verse a JV team and...

Way to Early Bowl Projections

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

Way to early to talk bowl projections but man Miami in the Orange Bowl this year is a popular pick in the media per TOS 247Sports (Brad...

Media still considers Miami an elite program

by TimeB0mb @ CanesInSight

Seems we are still considered among the "Kings" of football by FoxSports. Funny that the Huskers got kicked out the club. Access Denied...

ESPN Rumph bringing it back

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team (http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19387637/miami-hurricanes-carrying-legacy-2001-team)

I just want to say...

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

After all the sh*t that has happened with Hurricane Maria and my island, this moment has made me forget about all the negatives, even if it was for...

Miami Hurricanes Hype Poem- Bethune Cookman Edition

by reg @ CanesInSight

What's up CIS? It's Game 1 so you know I had to drop a little something for the crew. I literally just recorded it about 30 minutes ago and uploaded...

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Miami vs Bethune Preview [With Score Prediction]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


Golden Nugget Lines of the year

by JgDaCane @ CanesInSight

They list their top 100 games. These are the games they have listed for us. Miami +12 @ Fsu Miami -6 vs ND Miami -6 vs VT thoughts?

Key Steps for Patent Landscaping Analysis

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$uckeyestreit Picks 'Noles

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

Aww, all you Kirky lovers can go cry in your beer, your "Miami Loving" man crush just picked F$U. No need to watch today, since he is a everything...

These Pope quotes about his UF visit are hilarious

by the23Watcher @ CanesInSight

WR Pope Not Planning Future UF Visits (http://miami.247sports.com/Bolt/WR-Pope-Not-Planning-Future-UF-Visits-53027816) called their uniform an...

Jacob Eason

by sfcane2 @ CanesInSight

Have to assume he'll leave Georgia this year. It seems that Miami would be a natural destination for him given his relationship with Richt. Would fit...

The OFFICIAL what uni combo we wearing this week (Duke)

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Has it been released yet? I know it doesn't matter but it does.. Im thinking Orange Pants and White Top. Black cleats/socks

Miami- FSU Game Time Change

by rejuvaphan @ CanesInSight

Just spoke to the our Athletic Director's Dept. I also called FSU AD Dept. AS OF NOW . the only thing being considered is a time change. I guess...

Deaver Wyoming

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Calvin Avery 2018 NT/DT is a Prospect UM Should Recruit

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

With Miami needing to add a few more interior D-linemen to the 2018 Class, flipping Calvin Avery from Illinois would be a good pick up. An worth...

Wide Receiver depth and viable targets in the passing game.

by FrancisSaywer @ CanesInSight

Let me preface this by saying I know it was only Bethune Cookman. I'm very high on the abilty/potential of this group both this year and going...

Jalen Carey Final 6

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Miami, Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse, UConn, Rutgers I think most people think he's SU bound Jalen Carey, Immaculate Conception, Point Guard...

Miami Toledo Review Video

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight


Coach Richt Media Day Presser 8/14/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight


Corruption Scandal: Could eSECpn Be Any More Predictable?

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Not that Lebatard won't also spend a disproportionate amount of time being attracted to the novelty of Miami's *potential involvement- no matter the...

Miami vs Georgia Tech Preview Video

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


Deerfield Beach vs Miami Central Spring Jamboree 2017

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/J74U8VMvhts https://youtu.be/NyvqOGf7v8s LB Kenny Bastida kills James Cook in the backfield lol! That Deerfield Defense...

Miami vs Ark State

by CaneToad @ CanesInSight

Watched some of the Ark State Georgia So. game last night and now know Miami would have crushed that team. All that talk about Miami avoiding them...

Can Jeff Thomas be Miami's Tyreek Hill?

by jmccomber5 @ CanesInSight

When thinking about this offense and what dimensions we can add to be more dynamic, I think about Jeff Thomas. I know there have been a lot of comps...

Board Officer Workshop – July 11, 2017

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

The 2017 Board Officers Workshop will be held on Tuesday July 11, 2017 at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Ames, Iowa. This one day program is highly interactive and designed for current board officers or those board members who would like to be an officer someday.  During the morning session, the officers break into two groups and focus on the responsibilities of their respective office. This year, the afternoon session will focus on interactions in the board room. Janine Bruder, Senior HR Consultant with Nationwide will lead a discussion on the Unconscious Bias we bring into the board room.  She will be followed by Jim Summers, ISU College of Business Associate Professor, who will discuss how to resolve conflict in the board room. Click here for the Board Officer Workshop letter, agenda and registration form.

The University of Miami Hurricanes

by Clwtrdan @ CanesInSight

The University of Miami Hurricanes FSU....There's a storm a comin'. https://www.facebook.com/SmithsonianChannel/videos/10156238741673357/

Videos Day 1 - Richt, Mcintosh, Berrios, Norton, Herndon

by FRCane @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/EcN8ptqQDl0 https://youtu.be/AQlz4O6IwGo https://youtu.be/93IaSqp9VeM https://youtu.be/THO8Z4dp5zg ...

-16.5 @ Ark St.

by JgDaCane @ CanesInSight

My first thought is Vegas thinks we're a pretty good team. 16.5 on the road is alot especially with public perseption being Ark state just hung with...

Free Laundry in Quad Cities in January

by admin @ 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet

The post Free Laundry in Quad Cities in January appeared first on 24 hour laundromat in Iowa City, North Liberty & Davenport, IA. Credit Cards, free wifi Internet.

Richt says walton may be the best fb player hes ever coached

by brock @ CanesInSight

He loves walton, says a lot considering the likes he has coached especially at running back. I mean from Moreno, to Crowell to gurley to Marshall to...

ESPN Matchup Predictor has Duke as the favorite vs the Canes

by HurricaneAlex @ CanesInSight

ESPN already puts Duke as favorite to win the Miami game at home without even being in the top 25, without beating a top 25 team or even winning a...

FSU & GT Games Officially Moved

by Boobie Miles @ CanesInSight

906668019677413376 FSU 10/7 GT 10/14

Nesta Silvera Flips...

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

to the Army All American game... Image: https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/306/541/14_7541306.jpeg Miami DT Commit Silvera Will Play in...

Bama vs Miami Official

by fxd5122 @ CanesInSight

Not sure if it was yet or not but looks like its a go. Alabama and Miami to Compete in 2021 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game | Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game...

Jaquan Johnson and the FS position under Diaz

by FrancisSaywer @ CanesInSight

To all the defensive gurus here. Now that Jaquan Johnson will be at FS, what exactly do you think will change in terms of how that position is used...

Malek Young's Goal is to Get Duke QB Injured

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes CB Malek Young: Goal is to Get Duke QB Daniel Jones Out of the Game...

Brief Early Practice Report, courtesy of Matty Ports

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes practice report: working through injuries pre-Georgia Tech | Canes Watch...

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Richt and packaged plays

by FlaSportsFan88 @ CanesInSight

Packaged Plays and the Newest Form of Option Football « (http://grantland.com/the-triangle/packaged-plays-and-the-newest-form-of-option-football/) ...

Odit exercitationem animi eum eum eaque debitis

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People/Programs That Have Shown What They Are....

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

.... despite earlier (and often idiotic) narratives that tried to say otherwise. Just a few falsehoods come to my mind immediately. Feel free to...

Props to old school for kicking some Nole azz after the game

by rberryjr @ CanesInSight


Comments About Dbs From Diaz

by 252cane @ CanesInSight

He said jackson is the starting cb in the base defense but in nickel young goes outside and bandy is the nickel.

Tyreke Johnson

by brock @ CanesInSight

Luke stampini and some other uf reporters says the gators staff aren't high on him and don't expect him in their class. Will Miami make a move to...

Miami v. FSU Depth Chart

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

915211900396425216 Travis Homer starting KR over Jeff Thomas. Can't afford bad field position this game. Pinckney and Malek Young named full time...

Miami Hurricanes Five Most Underrated Commits In 2018

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes Five Most Underrated Commits In 2018...

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Anti Jim Morris Crowd

by txcane80 @ CanesInSight

Miami is up 3 to 1 against #2 (https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2) team... very early... maybe we lose....either...

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Gray Crow

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

Don't ever let me hear ou trash this kid again. Former QB Gray Crow pledges $5,000 to UM ? and another cool gift | Miami Herald...

2020 Killian RB Dana Edwards

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Coach Duasso has been telling me about this guy all spring. 5-11, 215-pound running back who will be a sophomore next season. Apparently this spring...

Virginia Tech vs. Clemson Game Thread

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

Looking for a good game! GO CLEMSON!

F$U - Miami Game "likely postponed"

by CaneSwag1995 @ CanesInSight

FSU-Miami game likely to be moved to Oct. 7...

Silvera scheduled OV Dec 15

by Bull @ CanesInSight

He scheduled a couple more to enjoy some free trips, but we get the last official visit. He's also recruiting Tyson Campbell to come to the U. All...

Does Miami finally finish in the Top 10 this season?

by Hurracanes @ CanesInSight

Yes or no?

What UM should've done

by rickmorty @ CanesInSight

If Miami really cared about its players and its families it would've asked for special permission from the NCAA to charter 2 or 3 planes and take...

Jackson moving to fs?

by 252cane @ CanesInSight

Supposedly diaz said on joe rose show that mike jackson is moving to fs. And diaz mentioned he played safety vs duke and i never noticed it. Said on...

OT: is Dorito going to run Wefense at Houston?

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Or is he going to learn a thing or two from Manny? Image: https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-02-2015/6PfrUt.gif

Hypothetical 2017 Miami Offense

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

So, from what DMoney and others have been hinting at regarding our offense ("more Clemson than 2001 Miami"), I thought I'd revisit an old post...

Diaz on the new dbs- Barry Jackson piece

by brock @ CanesInSight

Defensive back additions have UM excited | Miami Herald (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article161365758.html)

Miami vs. Bethune Stats and Recap [Video]

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

Miami vs Bethune Stats and recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZhrFMCNuMM

Former UM DT Lester Williams Passes at Age 58

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

Saw these tweets from Matt Porter on his passing. Haven't seen it elsewhere but if true, that's gotta be rough. 58 is not 28 but its still young...

Picture of Langham touchdown taken on field

by Cityboy4life82 @ CanesInSight

https://twitter.com/canesfootball/status/916825515696250880 Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DLk38UDUMAAzNX7?format=jpg


by U2026 @ CanesInSight

So all I read about was all the explosive guys on offense and all we do is 3 yard passes. And the defense is lucky to only give up 6 so far. Diaz is...

ABC Hails Florida Legislation That Encourages Competition in Bidding on Public Construction Projects

ABC Hails Florida Legislation That Encourages Competition in Bidding on Public Construction Projects

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. – Iowa Chapter

Prior to this legislation, local governments could impose unfair pre-bid hiring restrictions, training requirements, and benefit mandates that increased project costs and kept many merit shop contractors, who make up 96.9 percent of Florida’s construction

Miami vs Duke Live Hangout

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight


ESPN on Diaz. Please Don't leave us anytime soon.

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz is among the handful of assistants in Orlando, Fla., participating in the NCAA Champion Forum, a networking...

Team has been working out in Atlanta due to Irma

by jhtheking @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes Basketball Team Working Out in Georgia Due to Hurricane Irma...

WQAM ACC media day audio

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

Talking ACC teams with player and coach interviews. I'm sure they will add more content as the day goes on. ...

ESPN- we back?

by canesplaymaker @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes have more pages to turn to get where they want to go - ACC Blog- ESPN...

Estimated construction date for Miami's new housing complex

by brock @ CanesInSight

Expected start date November 2017 Finish date July 2019 $193 million Big upgrade for Miami's facilities Attachment 45410...

4/14/2017 Legislative Update

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

The most recent legislative update has been posted.  Please click here for the Iowa Institute for Coops Legislative Update 04-14-17

Realistically speaking..

by brock @ CanesInSight

Miami has the edge over fsu at every position not named db right?

Canes In MS

by asap_lit @ CanesInSight

Born in Miami. Fiance is in residency in Jackson, MS so we're stuck for a few years.. It's tough being a Canes fan due to being in SEC country. They...

Coach L with Adam Z

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

Worth a listen, if lacking in details. Miami HC Jim Larranaga, Molloy HC Mike McCleary, NBA Buzz and National Recruiting Update - VSporto...

The second half

by Cribby @ CanesInSight

Gives me hope with the D. I've been hard on Diaz and the D ( rightfully so). But I really liked what I saw in the second half. More db's in the...

Manny Diaz putting too much pressure on new DB's

by amanan28 @ CanesInSight

While the stat line of 41-13 might look alright on the box score, it doesn't tell the whole story. Defense lacked juice today and I'll chalk it up...

Bring back @thebigbrow

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

TIA De Pinga rokulika pook187 We the Boss CanEs4life04

Coach Diaz Has Obviously Forgotten How To Coach...Right?

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

In his first season at Miami, Diaz was a nominee for the Broyles award, given to the top assistant coach in college football. Maybe, just maybe,...

The new guy...

by CaneMountain08 @ CanesInSight

Don't know how you guys handle new member intros around here, but I'm a lifelong Canes fan, born and raised in Miami (Kendall). Parents are both UM...

UM announces crowdfund of remaining $2M for interior of IPF

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Membership (http://give2ipf.com) Take a look at the new site miami just opened. Help if you can. Getting a...

NFL Salaries By School

by supersaiyanshel @ CanesInSight

In light of the Linder news -- 2016 1. USC 41 $140.1M 2. Georgia 37 $124.4M 3. Miami (FL) 40 $120.1M 4. Alabama 42 $115.5M...

Got this little tune in my head

by KWConch @ CanesInSight

It�s Great to be a Miami Hurricane......Its Great to be a Miami Hurricane. Don�t really care if I quit hearing it for a couple days.

Thanks for bulletin board material, Noleys

by OriginalCanesCanesCanes @ CanesInSight

FSU has all the classy yuks Attachment 49937 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=49937) There's a guy wearing a green...

Christopher Herndon�s Off the Field Impact Remains Vital

by David Perez @ CanesInSight

Attachment 48166 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=48166) From Jeremy Shockey to David Njoku, Miami�s lineage of tight...

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Georgia Tech Game Set for 8 PM

by the storm @ CanesInSight

WooHoo......night game black out....GO CANES!

My Personal Recruiter Rankings (Miami Coaching Staff)

by canesjip @ CanesInSight

1.Richt (Closer) (Perry, Young, Lorenzo& Cuzo A. Williams) 2. Dugans (Richards,Thomas,Harley,Pope,) 2.5 Kool ( Jo Jackson, DJ,Ford, Hunter) 3....

Virginia Tech Game

by D_G87 @ CanesInSight

Girlfriend got us 2 tix to Va Tech game. Flying in from Indiana. We are staying in Boca Raton. We get in Thursday night so we will have all day...

CFL Bans Full Contact Practices During Season

by nystateofmind @ CanesInSight

Interesting. CFL immediately ends full-contact practices - Article - TSN...

Miami Offers worth more?

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DFnkz8qXkAEJKUI.jpg:large Interesting numbers... OSU & Miami got the #1...

SIAP but an interesting story on Manny Diaz's time at Texas

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

How a Texas-sized failure helped reboot Manny Diaz's career...


by BigDikCane @ CanesInSight

Just watch how good our dbs will be this season... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAvr1Zyk_OM&list=TLGG6SaDzrbZNcQxNTA2MjAxNw


by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight


Plug Talk 9/26/17

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Miami has already locked in both of their running back targets for the 2018 class with Lorenzo Lingard and Cam Davis both tweeting out that they are...

can someone tell me

by matty1 @ CanesInSight

so can someone post the last time Miami ran any kind of motion plays. I'm thinking 2-3 years. Watching Alabama and FSU in motion 50% of the time...

Testaverde Jr. Transferring

by JimmyJohnsonsHair @ CanesInSight

Well, bye: Vincent Testaverde, son of Miami Hurricanes great, to leave UM | Canes Watch...

FSU Podcast calls out FSU weaknesses. (Hear their Pain)

by bigsonnyu @ CanesInSight

(https://www.tomahawknation.com/2017/10/4/16427976/miami-florida-state-kickoff-game-time-tropical-storm-nate-hurricane) I was looking for the...

Gurvan Hall Injury

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

Did not know he was injured... anyone know what happened? Image: https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/182/335/5335182.jpg Image:...

Toledo Scares me...

by UofToledofans @ CanesInSight

click bait I know... Wassup Miami forum! My name is a Dan and I'm a G5 fan, but a Toledo fan first and foremost. I have a bi weekly podcast about the...

Mark Walton ooooweeee

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

I haven�t seen something run that wild since Hulkamania, Brother.

Opening article (UM recruits)

by uprising @ CanesInSight

Recruiting whirlwind for Mark Richt and the Miami Hurricanes - USA TODAY https://apple.news/AxGywy0sDQoetu_gJMKJJXw

Some Big Shoes To Fill

by UknowWhat @ CanesInSight

UM Butkus candidate Shaq Quarterman conjures Dan Morgan memories | Miami Herald...

Mike Smith will start in place of Pinckney

by fincane @ CanesInSight

Pinckney is suspended for the half because of the targeting hit in the bowl game Michael Jackson will start at one CB spot per Diaz

ESPN: Miami's 2001 legacy Living on in a new team

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes carrying legacy of 2001 team (http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19387637/miami-hurricanes-carrying-legacy-2001-team) ...

2017 2018 season prediction and potential lineup

by LoyalCane24 @ CanesInSight

So much talk about FSU makes my head hurt so im going to talk about the future First off 2017 prediction: I think we win out the season then...

Let's Hope we Don't Lose Diaz/Funny how Golden wasn't named

by sitzee @ CanesInSight


Miami Toledo Vid

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fhWRaWjIuI I know I sound hella tired but decided to do this last minute

Pastor Richt on 560

by sfowler06 @ CanesInSight

Audio « CBS Miami (http://miami.cbslocal.com/audio/560-wqam/) Someone sounds a little giddy compared to last year...

SIAP: Browns Moving Duke to WR?

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

I'd actually say this is a good move (especially for Duke's long-term career prospects) but I question almost anything this organization does. ...

OT: Is this Manny Diaz at Trump Cuba speech today?

by Salt @ CanesInSight

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/06/16/donald-trump-cuba-miami/102917748/ Uncanny resemblance. Look at guy in the bottom left...

Lorenzo Linegard 95 YARD RD RUN

by I'm james Jackson brother @ CanesInSight

Lingard 95 yard TD run video (http://miami.247sports.com/Topic/Lingard-95-yard-TD-run-video--107798545)

New Trademark Rules, 2017: The 10 Most Notable Changes

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India has recently updated the Trademark rules. The new Trademark Rules, 2017 came into effect via a Govt. notification on March 6th and will replace the Trademark rules, 2002. Among the notable changes made, the process of filing for a trademark has been simplified but […]

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Tell the team to beat FSU for me

by johnnytsunami01 @ CanesInSight

Well guys, its been real. I don't expect to have power till 2018 so I won't be able to watch live the game vs FSU. Maria is about to destroy Puerto...

Article on D has me pumped

by sstcane @ CanesInSight

Shaq Quarterman, Miami Hurricanes defense entering 2017 with ‘old-school mindset’ | Canes Watch...

What is magnetomotive force (magnetic potential)? - Definition from WhatIs.com

What is magnetomotive force (magnetic potential)? - Definition from WhatIs.com


Magnetomotive force, also known as magnetic potential, is the property of certain substances or phenomena that gives rise to magnetic fields.

anyone seeing these jet-sweeps that Andy Reid...

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

is dialing up? I mean, its a rather simple play but it really can open up other things in the run and pass game. And they seem to be ideal for...

Joe Rose Raises Warning Flag!

by Earnest T. Bass @ CanesInSight

Today, and for what it�s worth, Joe Rose said that he�s worried about the Canes upcoming game with Georgia Tech for more than a few reasons. He...

2018 Official Scholarship Offers

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

892420012648124416 892236453631197194 892398883606642688 892384630996951040 892413485057019904 892419391652081665 892426792514072577 And...

Sebastian being a savage

by nflU @ CanesInSight


Parody: Kool Arrested at Bonnaroo Doing "God's Work"?!

by Tad Footeball @ CanesInSight

Pastor Rick sent Deacon Kool on a mission under an alias to teach the druggies at Bonnaroo a lesson. This staff is tireless! All charges should be...

Is Xavier Williams a silent commit or trolling the U?

by Number1CanesFan @ CanesInSight

Just watched a highlight video of Chaminade vs. Miami Central on YouTube. After scoring a touchdown, Xavier Williams throws up the "U", then makes a...

Raising the Stakes in the Workplace

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

I had the pleasure of working on a project this week that opened my eyes to something very meaningful. In fact, I learned something that I believe could make a huge difference in workplace turnover and productivity. It is not a new concept, but one that has been overlooked for far too long. The project […]

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Cam Davis will be on campus tomorrow

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami running back commit Camron Davis was originally planning to go to Miami on Friday, but he told CanesInSight tonight that he will be in Coral...

The Advent of Modern Technologies

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

The advent of modern technologies has undeniably brought so much comfort to the lives of people. It has supported major industries in so many ways that production has become so large scale enough to meet human needs for agricultural and industrial produces. But one drawback caused by technological advancement is overshadowed by these comforts, and […]

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Latest Crystal Ball Trends 2018 and 2019 recruits

by KrazyCane @ CanesInSight

*This recruiting class is going to be GOAT* The Latest Miami Hurricanes Football Recruiting Crystal Ball Trends: 7/1...

Does The Streak End?

by Hurracanes @ CanesInSight

I invite everyone to make their predictions. That includes Pete, D$, Lu, Dee, etc. Does Miami have the dog in them to take that monkey off their...

Where do we play the rest of the season?

by sfowler06 @ CanesInSight

Hopefully Irma misses Miami and keeps east but if not and the entire state of FL is fucked, where do we practice and play for the rest of the season?...

Al Golden and Brad Kaaya on the field together

by CaneFan79 @ CanesInSight

after a Miami win at FSU! Oh sorry, its Ford Field on a Sunday, not Bowden Field on a Saturday.

Pete-Josh Newberg (Perry)

by Hoosiercane3 @ CanesInSight

Pete- I know he may be biased and may be a nole, but it does not mean he is necessarily wrong. He just did a podcast and he said he watched...

Serious Question about WQAM

by #26-MEAST @ CanesInSight

Why does the University of Miami's flagship station interview fsu's head coach weekly? Why give them time on the radio in SoFla? I highly doubt our...

Nick. Bonitto

by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

You think he ends up on Miami radar ? Some one have some info on this kids ability ? Nik Bonitto, St. Thomas Aquinas, Outside Linebacker...


by BALLHAWKU @ CanesInSight

picks ohio state to win the championship wow what a shock. Shocked they allow this guy to be on espn still how bias he is. fsu In the playoffs? They...

OT: Bucs Release Roberto Aguayo haha

by crimson_cane @ CanesInSight

SIAP Buccaneers release Roberto Aguayo after latest missed kicks | Larry Brown Sports...

3 Star Studs/Underated Recruits

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

As D$ mentioned on the recent podcast - this is what makes Miami, Miami. Underrated players that just have true competitive fire, work ethic, drive,...

Does anyone miss this?

by Ibis Wingz @ CanesInSight

Image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/27/7b/c2/277bc2becf66b6bd15a7b3b86b1c087e.gif

We won es

by NVA CANE @ CanesInSight

So happy right now. Image: https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7abldj0b3rxrZUxW/200w.gif

October is Co-op Month – 2017 Proclamation

by ncyr @ Iowa Institute for Coops

It’s official October is Co-op Month.  Governor Kim Reynolds signs the proclamation on October 2nd. See link below for Official Proclamation: Cooperative Month ’17 Proclamation

How many bad calls by officials tonight?

by harphong @ CanesInSight

6-8 total against us, at least 4 for dook. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

* vs Indiana

by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

CFB IS BACK Let's go Indiana. Anybody bet this game in the sports book?

Google My Business: The Business Directory That Tops ALL Business Directories

by Jeff Millett @ TheSEOWhiz.com

In the SEO world there is often arguments disputing the the true value gained by submitting to business directories. According to many, some directories can be beneficial while others can be dangerous. Despite all the arguments that can be had

Awareness is Not About Lead Generation

by Marketing Team @ WolfNet

There are five phases in the consumer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Advocacy, and Loyalty. The objective of awareness is strictly about getting your name out in front of potential clients – we like to think of this as how many eyeballs can you get to look at your website. There are two aspects of awareness […]

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OT: VT beats Clemson this Sat

by Canemang @ CanesInSight

Miami beats undefeated VT Mark it down

SI article on Canes

by ben @ CanesInSight

https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/10/05/miami-hurricanes-the-u-mark-richt Miami Is Once Again Good Enough to Ask a Program-Defining...

Did Ford play?

by Cane Dynasty @ CanesInSight

I missed some of the 4th quarter. Didn't notice him before that. tia

It's That Time: 2017 Official Predictions Thread

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

List your predictions for every category. For those of you that don't know, the poster closest overall in every category will receive a prize....

It's a great day to be a Miami Hurricane

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

Canes are 1-0 UFlop and FSPoo 0-1 and neither team has a QB. The irony of life is that 1 day ago playing FSU in the third game of the year was...

Ward Marcia

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Marcia Ward has devoted her career to health services research, especially rural healthcare delivery and health outcomes.… Read More

Time for change

by U2026 @ CanesInSight

If Miami can't beat FSU today then it will be another five years or so til we do. This is the most vulnerable they have been in years. Time for Richt...

Shawn Burgess-Becker question

by TheOriginalCane @ CanesInSight

OK, so I'm reading about him transferring to UCF in this Orlando Sentinel article. It says he wanted to return to Florida (Miami or UCF) but it...

Murder Needs to Be Reported

by 954canelife @ CanesInSight

Last year we almost killed Frenchie especially Norton with the DDT. Somehow their offensive line has gotten worse so I`m trying to get in contact...

DT Davontae McCrae Should Get an Offer IMO

by nvlahos @ CanesInSight

WATCH: DT McCrae at Miami's Camp (http://miami.247sports.com/Bolt/WATCH-DT-McCrae-at-Miamis-Camp-53053243) Looks quick, twitchy, aggressive and...

Real Estate Trends for 2017

by Marketing Team @ WolfNet

Tracking real estate trends is the realtor’s secret weapon for strategizing their sales process. Knowing what to expect gives you the advantage of communicating more clearly what your buyers and sellers can expect in the upcoming season. Setting realistic goals can also help you budget and forecast what your potential earnings could be by the […]

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Losing Walton will cost us

by Saltycane @ CanesInSight

A game or two. You don't lose your best offensive player and keep trucking, especially when you are razor thin at the position.

Easiest reschedule in history

by 2FNFST4U @ CanesInSight

ASU -Georgia Southern play on wed 10/4 They are both off on 9/30 and 10/7. Move that game to 9/30 and the Miami game in our off week 10/7. If...

Miami has offered 2020 Miami Norland DE Samuel Anaele

by ErickMarreroU @ CanesInSight

Miami has just offered 2020 Miami Norland DE Samuel Anaele. He dominated at Miami's Underclassmen Camp today. Offers from UF, Michigan, Tennessee...

Mark Richt diagramming

by LuCane @ CanesInSight

Attachment 47645 (https://www.canesinsight.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=47645) https://instagram.com/p/BWqoziSFHmu/...

OT: Pete what's the deal with you and the Miami heat

by Brock Berlin @ CanesInSight

I see you on there constantly chirping the home team what's the deal? Back in the day I coulda swear you were a heat fan?

Feels great man

by FreeVilma @ CanesInSight

Image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DLk3xocWAAAlui-?format=jpg&name=large

Tips To Optimize Your Website For Google RankBrain

by Larry Sheckell @ Search Engine Marketing Services | Search Mavericks

Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated search engines. Google’s search engine is now smarter than ever before. Every time you complete a search in Google, there is a high probability that your search will be fully processed by Google’s new AI system; effectively known as RankBrain. How Does RankBrain Work? RankBrain works by utilizing vectors which are...

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Syracuse at Miami game - Tix and info needed

by dudenate @ CanesInSight

Coming down from Orlando for 'Cuse at 'Canes game. Need some general info (pricing and availability) of tix. If I'm looking to spend around...

2019 RB's

by reidz5 @ CanesInSight

Help me I'm trying to figure out if Miami should just go for Nayquan Wright alone and maybe then a 2nd tier back or should we go for both Wright and...

SIAP Calais is a funny man!

by Canesrule230 @ CanesInSight


SIAP Walkie Talkie app for u IRMA heads

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

Download Zello its like the nextel chirp uses radio waves and have your friends too its easy to...

Toledo vs Miami TV?

by Taylor26 @ CanesInSight

Question? Can you see this game on ESPN watch? If not where can I order from? Thanks in advance!!

OT- white Supremacist Plans to Speak at UF

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

Well Well well, look at the University of Florida now even in the face of what is going on in Virginia they are working on a plan to let a white...

Diaz and Mass Substitution

by 305umking @ CanesInSight

What exactly is Diaz trying to accomplish with this approach? We subtitute what seem to be random and bizarre times during drives. The back 7 is the...

Initial thoughts

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

DJ Ivey special, will continue to rise in rankings Josh Jobe really really solid Will Mallory might be the best player in the class ...

Thoughts on the Delaney Mystery

by HurricaneKush @ CanesInSight

I've seen the first two games, and obviously Delaney has been a straight up liability. I can't think of a single corner we've ever had get picked on...

R.I.P. Freeman Brown

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

882036773475545088 882044785292435456 882056743467003905 Former Miami Hurricane OL Freeman Brown has passed away tonight. Played with guys...

Miami vs Toledo Predictions

by The Svengali @ CanesInSight

We will have two weeks off, with practically no practice during that time, and Toledo will be playing their 4th game, and we will have played only...

Miami and the Spread Offense

by JaxonCane @ CanesInSight

It seems like a lot of Miami fans hate the spread offense and think we have always been pro style. I would argue that 2 of our Titles were won...

Georgia Tech Film Study

by jw410 @ CanesInSight

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy3ygF8LdVU Let's talk X's and O's

High bust potential of Lingard

by ALMIGHTYU @ CanesInSight

I'm not sold on Lingard. He doesn't pass the eye ball test and jump off the screen when I watch tape of him. Dalvin Cook jumped of the screen and so...

Manny Diaz hosts Podcast Aint Played Nobody

by IndayArtHauz @ CanesInSight

Talks about a lot of good stuff. Very relaxed. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-aint-played-nobody/id1033876726?mt=2&i=1000385535266

Stanier Charles

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

Charles Stanier is leading a grassroots effort to improve community health and attract increased economic development.… Read More

SIAP N'kosi got wheels

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight


ESPN article (Richt's expectations for the offense)

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes coach Mark Richt expects step forward for his offense - ACC Blog- ESPN...

Custom Website Vs Template Website – The Debate Still Goes On FINAL PART

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

After the previous article, here we are again to discuss the other differentiation between the custom websites and the template websites. In our last article, we have discussed the basic differences between the custom websites and the template websites. These websites have a lot of dissimilarities between them that keeps them apart. Our center of […]

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by skeeter @ CanesInSight

You Dade guys...How is 2019 commit Diamante Howard doing for Southridge? Playing OLB where he's projected? I know we took him basically on upside...

OT: Domers Game

by Lester Burnham @ CanesInSight

Making the trip down for my first Canes home game and I'd appreciate some tips from local fans to make the best of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ...

Today was a good day

by Shogungts @ CanesInSight

I know nobody else cares, but man today was a good day. I watched the first half of the Miami game, I paused the game and went to the Nats vs...

Ja'Quan putting in the work

by casualcane @ CanesInSight

University of Miami Hurricanes Official Athletic Site (http://hurricanesports.com/news/2017/8/24/mens-basketball-ja-quan-newton.aspx) Would love...

SIAP, Miami-FSU highlights....

by k9cane @ CanesInSight

RichtEra on Youtube is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEbuuxP6q-k&feature=push-u&attr_tag=QOETKnIc_dBjh8qz-6

Role of Linebackers in Pass Protection

by SPAMM @ CanesInSight

I am not an expert by any means, but don't linebackers have a role in short passing game protection, especially covering backs out of the backfield? ...

Did Richt chew out Diaz ????????????????????

by canam1965 @ CanesInSight

Would like some video if possible

Lion And Wolf Tattoos – The Most Popular Animal Tattoo Designs

by jorran @ Web Design Marshalltown Iowa

Animal tattoos have become very popular in the recent times. Different animals like butterflies, snakes, turtles, spiders and dolphins are being inked on the body parts of human beings nowadays. Lion and wolf tattoos are also very popular. Although wolf tattoo designs are mainly popular among men, still women are also having it on their […]

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SIAP Pastor Recruiting the younglins

by Dwinstitles @ CanesInSight

This dude has charisma and keep$ it 100.....he wants savages only https://youtu.be/0wbcxhpf5g0

Best Defensive line ever

by citizenkane @ CanesInSight

OU 24 Taint 13 I see you Schiano Heading for the unemployment line by the end of the season

Class ranking update

by brock @ CanesInSight

Top 5 247 1. Osu 288.00 /95.29 commit average 16 recruits 2. Texas 276.05 /93.24 commit average 17 recruits 3. Miami 274.69 /92.00 commit...

GT info/Miami info

by Gtfan @ CanesInSight

GT fan here. Not on here to start anything. Just wondering if y'all have any info on your team, what positions should GT worry about, what are the...

OT: Private message

by KWConch @ CanesInSight

is there a way to PM someone on this board? TIA

Indoor Practice Facility update

by DC1986 @ CanesInSight

Saw this on 247. Looks like they will break ground today. Nine Things To Know About Miami Football's Indoor Practice Facility...

Rayshawn Jenkins already impressing

by DMoney @ CanesInSight

Per Gus Bradley, when asked what stood out most about OTAs: “Rayshawn has done a nice job, the safety we drafted out of Miami. To come in and play...

Who's this quote about, give me your best guess...

by QuatroCane @ CanesInSight

"And, of course, ESPN, with no idea the University of Miami man was unable to speak discernible English, hired him."

Miami vs Arkansas State Preview Video

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight



by motorcitycane @ CanesInSight

Let's see if ND back like the media claims This scheduling tonight is wack one of these should have been the 330


by Tree @ CanesInSight

Anyone have a gif from yesterday when Sebastian broke the spear?

Canes Fans in North Louisiana?

by 318CANE @ CanesInSight

Any Canes fans on here live in North Louisiana (Bossier City / Shrevrport)? If so hit me up I have the place to catch the games. Tap Beer, great food...

Dee Delany vs Cody Thompson

by pimpcane1 @ CanesInSight

Toledo Rockets Elite WR Cody Thompson Looking Forward to Challenge at No. 14 Miami Hurricanes...

The Best Free Keyword Research Tools

by Larry Sheckell @ Search Engine Marketing Services | Search Mavericks

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Get used to the abbreviation CTE

by mianjomar @ CanesInSight

CTE (Defined in the article) just may take the game we love away from us. The movement has already started and Nicks story below will certainly add...

OT: Former �Last Chance U� star charged with homicide

by Dy-lan @ CanesInSight

Isaiah Wright and his brother Camion Patrick have been charged with Criminal Homicide in connection to a stabbing in July. Camion Patrick, Isaiah...

Sean Taylor Miami highlights

by BornAcaneDieAcane @ CanesInSight


Offensive Perspective

by Category 6 @ CanesInSight

Going over the boards lately some folks have had concerns about CMR's offense. I decided to review the last near decade of Miami offenses to try and...

Porter has us at 11-1 in regular season

by Dan Sileo JR @ CanesInSight

Miami Hurricanes football: Matt Porter’s 2017 game-by-game predictions | Canes Watch...

Vernon Carey Jr interview with 247Sports (Interesting)

by CaneFan954 @ CanesInSight

The interview covers his AAU season, his international competition season with Team USA, & all the elite schools recruiting him (including Miami)....

Condensed Miami vs Duke Game

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

We can finally flap to the defense again. We actually fixed and simplified the things schematically. The alignment looks just like it did last year....

Salterra Web Portfolio

Salterra Web Portfolio

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Coach Richt, Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 10/10/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/b1hpISr5NMA https://youtu.be/Ez9rfthNnQ8 https://youtu.be/091ver0KBsM https://youtu.be/IARlBFFPmuY https://youtu.be/eLBPMSsRPLs...

Coach Diaz, Shaq & more... Post Practice Presser 8/2/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/vRS6rhUDHeE https://youtu.be/kIVeywX9HS8 https://youtu.be/S3wk8gCJMEk https://youtu.be/RcqCkgYfYSs https://youtu.be/mGyLwNILdkc

Miami-LSU kickoff at 730

by Notsince1985 @ CanesInSight

Yes, LSU. University of Miami Hurricanes Official Athletic Site...

Manny Diaz on his new dbs

by brock @ CanesInSight

Did you all hear how glowingly he talked about dean and Delaney? I'm definitely not concerned about this position...

Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic recap

by CaneShades @ CanesInSight

Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic recap.. Miami Northwestern vs Atlantic – CaneShadesMedia (http://caneshadesmedia.com/mami-northwestern-vs-atlantic/)

Virginia whoopin that ass.

by TerragonSix @ CanesInSight

Virginia up 42-14 being 14 point dogs entering the game. Cant sleep on them either. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

ESPN: Two years and eight laterals ago: The last time Miami

by MiamiVice7 @ CanesInSight

Two years and eight laterals ago: The last time Miami Hurricanes played at Duke Blue Devils...

gators stooping to new low

by MiamiJoe @ CanesInSight

On 247 they are showing a Craig's List ad showing Miami looking for a grad transfer RB. One of their fans must have put that up to discredit us

College Football ATS: Week 5

by CaneClassic @ CanesInSight

I did horrifically last week, went 2-4. Luckily, I bet heaviest on Miami and despite my having two heart attacks and a conniption, we covered. I...


by Seantaylor21 @ CanesInSight

You guys are so dramatic yes wasn’t great football first half especially play calling on both sides but watch us adjust at half coaching staff proved...

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips High School Highlight

by BravoK9851 @ CanesInSight

Willie Williams and Kenny Phillips were animals! Crazy to think that 2003 Defense had both of them and Ricky Jean Francois! Willie Williams...

Game of the Year of the Day, 1988: Miami 44, LSU 3

by Barboni @ CanesInSight


John Campbell and Gurvan Hall on campus

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Miami offensive tackle target John Campbell and Gurvan Hall are on campus. Campbell is here with his sister and brother in law. It's their...

Big Vince retires officially

by 58straight @ CanesInSight

Retirement in the internet age is nothing like the stuffy press conferences of old. So it should not come as a surprise that Vince Wilfork, one of...

HOT TAKE: Attrition is becoming a problem again at Miami

by rokulika @ CanesInSight

When it was announced that Joe Yearby was leaving the program shortly after the season, everybody said, “huh, what?” Then someone announced “Gus...

Travis Homer

by WhatTheHell @ CanesInSight

Very impressed with him today. My favorite "oh shlt, he can do that?" player of the day. We all knew he was physically impressive from special...

Official Make Your Canes Prediction Thread!

by ChosenOne @ CanesInSight

------------------ *OFFENSE* ----------------- *QB: Perry - Sheriff - Rosier(T) - Weldon* - If everyone is even then what is the point of playing...

Any post-game quotes/interviews from Diaz?

by ghost2 @ CanesInSight

Just curious if he's weighed in yet.

Zach Dykstra

by Sebastian_29 @ CanesInSight

Saw him on campus this morning. He doesn't seem to be handling the hot Miami temperatures very well. Something to keep and eye on here. Just thought...

Amidst all the negativity (deserved in part),...

by The Franchise @ CanesInSight

...I want to prop up my boy Rosier. I think he's going a little unappreciated because so many respected posters on here had him dead and buried last...

Vigmostad Sarah

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

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Week 5 (Upset) Picks - 9/28

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* *Mississippi State* at Auburn (-9.5) Clemson (-6.5) at *Virginia Tech* Georgia (-6.5) at *Tennessee* USC (-4) at *Washington...

Another Miami Playoff Prediction

by jnf2257 @ CanesInSight

And this time it's not from some trash website with two views a week. Associated Press College Football writer Ralph Russo thinks we beat FSU in the...

Coach Richt, Diaz & more... Post Practice Presser 10/11/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/hTmAKmDmqWs https://youtu.be/GCA-FfVKAEc https://youtu.be/e2biMRMweW4 https://youtu.be/QatPSInpxnw https://youtu.be/HwCTHoXOQV0...

Seo Sarah

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Coach Diaz, Brown & more... Post Practice Presser 9/19/17

by Liberty City El @ CanesInSight

https://youtu.be/gn1x8HptJ68 https://youtu.be/pzoCDKP7R7Y https://youtu.be/Cfd1A9oQ9R0 https://youtu.be/M7XJnVgJ_F4 https://youtu.be/3jVyuwwlnbY

Very special project coming - Out The Huddle

by Peter Ariz @ CanesInSight

Can't reveal too much right now, but we have something major in the works with Jonathan Vilma, D.J. Williams, Antre Rolle, and Brett Romberg. This is...

Week 3 (Upset) Picks - 9/16

by Tetragrammaton Cane @ CanesInSight

Winners in *bold* *Kentucky* at South Carolina (-6.5) *Kent St.* at Marshall (-15) *Connecticut* at Virginia (-10) Oklahoma State (-14) vs....

Jimbo Fisher talks Miami

by Meat @ CanesInSight


You Need to Give People a Reason to Believe in You

by Marketing Team @ WolfNet

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The post You Need to Give People a Reason to Believe in You appeared first on WolfNet.

Pete - Will there be media access this week?

by MizCane @ CanesInSight

Will they allow media pre or post practices? I need something to read about my Canes...

Barry Jackson's Sports Buzz covers Canes updates incl. Perry

by grover @ CanesInSight

Good read. Full article here: UM's Richards, Quarterman looking for encore; UM early arrivals impress | Miami Herald...

Paging Jaromir Jagr.... Paging Jaromir Jagr...

by txcane80 @ CanesInSight

Sorry that the Miami baseball team keeps winning...... you must be so miserable right now.

Probably gonna get some hate for this one...

by canesfanfromday1 @ CanesInSight

A message to FSU and other schools playing Miami this season: (Might not be exactly what you are expecting) ...

Going to Miami @ FSU!!

by bdesing4 @ CanesInSight

Going to first Canes game & Driving from Tennessee to Tallahassee and was wondering if anybody had Intel on places to stay that weekend??!!

Phil Steele top 30 preseason team list

by brock @ CanesInSight

Miami ranked #11 (https://www.canesinsight.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=11) in the country. High praise Phil Steele's top college...

Zatavian Morgan 2018 Pahokee

by Playboi3 @ CanesInSight

Mark Richt Spoke highly of Pahokee's H-Back yesterday after watching him yesterday at the 7on7 says he would love to bring him in says he wants to...

Toor Fatima

by OVPREDresearchwebmaster@uiowa.edu @ Dare to

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UM�s Manny Diaz on havoc and stopping the run-pass option

by Paranos @ CanesInSight

Great article and Podcast with Manny Diaz, breaking down Miami's defense an his philosophy. Link to article and Podcast. PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED...

Where is blackvern?

by AdrianP @ CanesInSight

Was he at the game? I want to see his player grades for this game. Especially for his Noles.

Diaz is garbage

by U2026 @ CanesInSight

Why are we in base 4-3 when they have 4 or 5 wide. And Delaney can't cover my grandma. Keep playing like this and we go 6- 5 if we are lucky. And bye...


by Dan E. Dangerously @ CanesInSight

17 years to the day. We've come full circle, gentlemen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woWXfY9-HDs

Early 2017 Bowl Prediction for Miami

by RichtDawg @ CanesInSight

Early bowl projection:Miami, UGA will meet on New Year?s D...

Seo Company Wamsutter Wyoming

by @ topresults.site

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Badgley and Moten get Senior Bowl Watch List snub

by Hurricane Warrior @ CanesInSight

7 out of 9 is not bad though... Seven Miami Seniors Named To Senior Bowl Watch List...

Micah Parsons 5 star DE from Harrisburg, PA

by Rickyg21 @ CanesInSight

Miami trying to get parsons on campus. Looks like there's mutual interest. What do you think the chances of us landing parsons are? Landing parsons...

Miami (FL) SHOULD go undefeated this year

by tcgrad1014 @ CanesInSight

No excuse to lose to FSU with a backup QB and no running game. No excuse to lose to any other opponent on what is a crap schedule.

Firearm Aficianodos Feel Your Willie Tingling?

by UMFarArcher @ CanesInSight

This is not a normal firearm thread - so after this has run its course - then maybe we can add it to the firearms thread. To me - this is exciting...

Freshman FB transfer from alabama?....

by BiltmoreCANE @ CanesInSight

Had no idea he made the move. He was a preferred WO at bammer. Any info on this? Michael Parrott - 2017 Football Roster - University of Miami...

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